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Today’s Stream of Consciousness prompt is food. I’m not sure exactly where this one is going to go. Let’s see, shall we.

So, food. We’ve all got have it, right? If not, we’d starve. And that wouldn’t be much fun. And some of us do eat for that: fun. We could get by with just what we need. But, most of us eat for more than that. There’s the social gatherings where we consume a lot more than we probably should, especially around the holidays.

I like food. Eating it at least. Don’t care as much for cooking it. For a long time, I mostly only cooked stuff that came out of a box or can. In the last year, though, I’ve started planning out most of our dinners. I say most, because I only plan for Monday-Thursday. Friday we either go out(if we’re out getting groceries) or we have leftovers. Okay, and a lot of time the kids choose cereal that night. I’ve gotten a lot of recipes from Allrecipes.com and for this past Christmas, I got a Dump Dinners cookbook from my Mom. There are some nice and easy recipes in there, though there were a couple that didn’t turn out right.

I don’t always incorporate a lot of food into my stories. I mean the characters have to eat, so there’s usually at least a couple scenes that mention food. And I mostly write contemporary romance(and romantic suspense, but even that is in a contemporary setting), so it’s normal for the characters to go on at least one date. Which usually involves food. This is fine, particularly if ‘m sticking with them going to a small restaurant. But, when it gets fancier, I can be at a loss. I mean, for me, Olive Garden is a fancy dinner. So, there are a lot of diners and small or family-owned restaurants in my stories.

The diner in my Kurztown series is based on the one that used to be in my hometown. Yes, I said used to be. Now, it’s a Subway. I combine that with a few other small places, like a restaurant in the town where I live now. A lot of the places in this series are like that. Which makes sense, since I did base the whole town on the town I grew up in. I always wonder if other people from there will recognize those places.

And, I’ve gotten off food now, I guess, as I just finished my breakfast, too(honey wheat bagel with peanut butter…one of my go to breakfasts).

Comments on: "Stream of Consciousness Saturday: Food" (2)

  1. I love food too especially the eating part. I like cooking but not as much as the eating 😉

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