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So, this week has been unusual for me. Monday, I finally went up and got my new Photo ID. I don’t have a driver’s license, I could go into all that, but I’m not going to. Having an anxiety attack every time I get behind the wheel(hell, just riding in a car induces anxiety for me) makes it difficult to drive. But, my ID expired back at the end of October. I’d done the renewal and had my camera card, but hadn’t made it up to the driver’s center to get my new picture taken. We wanted to open an account at the new credit union in town, though, and figured I’d need the up to date ID for that. So, we went up once the boy got home from school(he only goes in the morning). They’re only open for photo services on Monday, so that was taken care of quickly. Then, we went and opened the account at the credit union and went for lunch at Pizza Hut.

Tuesday, we went to look at a truck my husband wants to buy. We didn’t get it(yet. Waiting until he gets back to work and starts getting the monthly allotment toward the vehicle payment again). Then, we got lunch and some other stuff. Got home just a little bit before the girl got off the bus from school. So, needless to say, my progress on goals was low. I did mostly get caught up yesterday afternoon, but that’s mostly because I couldn’t go any further on my crochet goal since I ran out of the color I needed(the only one I didn’t buy the other week because I thought I was going to have enough) and cut a book off the list because it wasn’t drawing me in. Hoping to get ahead today, but we’ll see.

Since it’s Wednesday again, time for another snippet. Another one from Love Who You Love, picking up from where last week’s left off. I have 24 paragraphs(+1 line of dialogue at the beginning) for the day.

“But, you were-”
“A total ass to anyone who wasn’t the white, straight, male default in school? Yes, I know. You’ve met my father, right? I repeated everything I heard from him. Call it a defense mechanism. I was trying to survive, and I didn’t cope in the best of ways. It wasn’t only the drugs that made him give me the choice between turning me in or sending me to the Army. The fact he caught me with another man had more to do with it, I think. Apparently, he thought the discipline of the military would change that part of me.” He gave a little shrug. “It did help with the drugs. I haven’t touched any since shortly after basic.”
“But, you’re still gay?”
“Actually, no,” Erik said, standing a little straighter. “I’m bisexual, and that doesn’t change no matter who I’m with. Though I do tend to be more attracted to men. But, you don’t have anything to worry about. You’re not one of them, little Saranno.”
“Never said I was worried.” But, his gaze flicked over to Kendall. She had her head in her hands, with her elbows resting on the counter.
Erik laughed. “Told you, Ken. Worst best kept secret in this town. Don’t worry, I’m sure none of us will spill.”
She looked up then and met Chris’ eyes. There was something almost haunted in them. “Does Sue know?” he asked quietly.
She nodded then let her head fall back into her hands. Something twisted through him, even though he’d already given Susan the out. “Does she know you want her?” he asked.
She didn’t even look up this time. “I don’t want to ruin our friendship,” she said in a strained voice. “I’d do anything not to do that.”
He rested a hand over one of hers. “I think she’s worried about the same thing.”
Her head shot up at that, and she could only stare at him. “Why are you telling me this?” she finally asked. “You’re dating her.”
He shook his head. “We just went to dinner. We’re friends. That’s really it.” Even though it continued to twist his stomach, he thought that’s all they’d ever be.
A tense silence settled over them for a moment until Gabriel finally broke it. “Didn’t tell me you struck out, brother. No wonder you didn’t want to talk about it.”
“Shut up, Gabe,” he muttered, but his lips still twitched.
“I guess this means you don’t have a place to stay,” Gabe said, and it took a moment for Chris to realize he must be talking to Erik.
“Just my car when her brother gets it finished. I don’t know…I might be able to find a bed in a shelter somewhere.”
“Absolutely no way, man,” Gabriel told him. “I won’t let a fellow soldier go through that. I’ve got an extra room at my place. You can crash there as long as you need.”
“You sure about that?” Erik asked. “You won’t be worried I’ll try to come on to you?”
Gabriel laughed. “You forget. I still got both my legs. I can still kick your ass. I don’t need two arms for that. And, it comes down to it, I can always outrun you.”
Chris drew in a sharp breath, but Erik just laughed. “Leave it to you, Saranno.”
Gabriel just grinned as he headed up to the counter. “Any word on my truck, Kendall?”
She shook her head and let out a huff of breath. “Doren told you last month that unless you want to put more money into it than that thing’s even worth, there’s nothing he can do.”
“I hoped by some miracle that had changed.” He turned to Chris, then. “Can you fit an extra body in your truck?”
It would be a little cramped, but… “Yeah, I can. I’ll even help load and unload your shit, Morrey. As long as you swear you’re not still the asshole you used to be. You hurt a lot of people back then.”
He gave a little nod. “Most of all your best bud’s girl. I know. I’ve made amends with her, and I hope I can with the rest as well.”

I may share more from this WiP next month. But, I may share from my editing projects instead. We’ll see.

As for my progress for this week:

  • Ready When You Are – 100 minutes/2000 words – 90 minutes/1092 words
  • Love Who You Love – 100 minutes/2000 words – 75 minutes/1059 words
  • By the Gun – 100 minutes/2000 words – 80 minutes/1038 words
  • Protecting the Heart – finish Declan’s backstory, start Eva’s – still haven’t finished Declan’s, but it’s up to 2260 words. I think I’m getting close now, so hopefully tomorrow or Friday. My characters don’t usually have so much to tell me about their history.
  • Rylan & Kirsten – finish Kirsten’s backstory, start Kenny’s – I did finish Kirsten’s this morning(at 1122 words – Declan should take a hint from her), so I’ll be starting Kenny’s tomorrow.
  • Stained Snow – finish read through, format, upload to Amazon(HAVE to have this done by 3/1) – I’ve read through Chapter 25/28. Hoping to finish it today and have it ready to upload by Friday.
  • Come Back Down – write 60 minutes/1000 words – weekend project
  • Read: She Sat He Stood – 100% – 85% through this
  • Read: Flirting with Scandal(Chanel Cleeton), Unscrupulous(Avery Aster), Extraction(Stephanie Diaz), Full Position(Mari Carr), Midnight Thief(Livia Blackburne), Slow Ride(Cathryn Fox), & Fall for a Seal(Zoe York) – finished Flirting with Scandal, set Unscrupulous aside, jumped over Extraction to read Full Position(it was short, and I was in the mood for it). Planning to start Extraction later today.
  • Crochet: Leaping Stripes and Blocks Blanket – I got about a row and a half done before I ran out of yarn.
  • A-Z Challenge – Plan posts(just going to work on these as I finish everything else) – I got through ‘F’ Sunday night. Hoping to get to a few more of them today.

Not too bad with all the running around we’ve done the beginning of this week.

Comments on: "Writing Wednesday: Starting Behind" (14)

  1. I also don’t have a driver’s license due to my anxiety. *sighs* I want to learn to drive eventually, but it’s tough. Anyway, loved your WIPpet! I really appreciate how you explained bisexuality, since I feel like that’s something a lot of people don’t understand (that it doesn’t change no matter who you’re with, that is). 🙂

    My WIPpet

  2. The more I read about these characters, the more intrigued I am. They are really complex. 🙂 And I agree with Brigid, I appreciate the way you explained bisexuality. A lot of the time in fiction, a character’s identification as bisexual is used as a throw away line for diversity points.

  3. Hello, Fallon. Re the snippet, I also liked the friendships that forgive the past and that move forward and are supportive — though not everyone is open about their heart’s desire. Interesting progress despite lots of errands (and running out of yarn!). Do you write back stories before starting the story??? Also, thank you for the push. I finally signed up for A-Z 2016 and will work on planning, though participants are already up to #870!!!! Re the driving, we are just visiting Texas and the ‘normal’ speed here is 75+ and 35 in the school zone. It’s a little hard to get used to (stress sweat). Have a great week.

    • Thanks. I wrote some”past scenes” in an earlier book in this series, which is where Erik first showed up. I never actually thought he’d be more than that jerk until he showed up in another scene in that story, and I realized there was more to him.
      I do write the back stories before I start the actual story. I find it gives me a better handle on the characters, so it’s one of my plotting steps.

  4. Not too bad, indeed! You’ve done a lot, considering.

    I got a little tangled up in the dialogue volley, not really knowing exactly who was speaking when, But I like the camaraderie that’s starting to develop here, and how these people seem to be willing to give second chances.

    • I’m definitely making progress. Things have settled down in the second half of the week, so that helps.
      Yeah, that seems to be an issue I have with dialogue. I’ll have to go back through and make sure it’s all clear.

      • I tend to do the same thing with dialogue in early drafts, so maybe that’s why I notice it. Something that helps me, and might help you, is going back once I’ve written the volley, and interspersing it through the action and exposition around it to some extent. If there isn’t any, well, that’s another problem I’ve had, so I give myself time to imagine what these characters might be doing while the exchange happens. Here, someone might look into the garage, from which there might be a clanking or a yell. Kendall might get a phone call. Someone might flip through a slightly grimy magazine, or help themselves to a cup of hours-old coffee, or step outside for a smoke, if that’s applicable…once, I had a character who just dug her fancily slippered toe into the dirt, because she was shy and somewhat forced into conversing with someone intimidating for the first time.

  5. Kat Morrisey said:

    Loved the snippet and can’t wait to read this one. (If you’ll let me, of course!)

    I drive, but I didn’t get my license until I was in college and had to if I ever wanted to come home and visit. (It was 4 hours away, and finding commuting buddies was near impossible!) Nowadays I hate driving, though if I know where I am and going, I do okay. It’s having to go somewhere I’ve never been–or driving in bad traffic–that freaks me out and I get panicky. (Funny enough though I don’t get panicky about my driving. It’s worrying about everyone else’s lack thereof! Getting in an accident–while on blood thinners–would be very, very bad for me. :/ )

    Re: goals–even though you didn’t make much progress, your errands and spending time with hubs and kids sounded nice! I find that having that family/friend time is way better than hitting goals!

    Happy writing…and reading! 🙂

  6. I like your snippit. I know a person who acted exactly like that in high school and for the same reason. Looks like you got a lot done to me. Good luck from a ROW80 blog hoping friend.

  7. bad news running out of yarn – so frustrating – the driving isn’t a prob for me although nowadays I have to curtail how far I drive and think hard about the amount of traffic on unknown roads but that’s because of health problems. I’m on rat poison too so carry my book with me everywhere and for good measure have a wristband – hope the message gets through if I am in an accident!:)
    you do have a lot of balls in the air – great snippet – keep smiling:)

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