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Teaser Tuesday: Coming Soon

On this Teaser Tuesday, I have another snippet from Stained Snow, which now has an official release date! It will be available for Kindle on March 11! For right now, I’m only releasing it on Amazon, so it will also be available for Kindle Unlimited. I should have a pre-order link soon, but you can add it on Goodreads now.

Also, I’ll be doing a cover reveal for it on Friday. If you want to help with that, there’s some more information here.

And for now, a little teaser from Chapter 16 of Stained Snow.

He stepped inside the house, and Maggie turned from the fireplace with a smile for him. “Will. I put some coffee on. I figured you and Pa would want some when you came inside.”
“Adam just rode up.”
Her smile wobbled slightly then came back. “Well, there’s enough for him too.”
William pulled off his gloves and shed his coat before walking over to the fire. He should have dealt with the cold instead of warming his hands over the flames. Being so close to Maggie ignited another blaze inside of him. He closed his eyes. He couldn’t do this. He’d told her he wouldn’t do it. Why couldn’t he stop thinking about it?
Her hand came down to his arm, and he opened his eyes again. She was right there, and he barely bit back a moan. “Maggie.” His voice sounded strained through his lips.
He’d told her to stop touching him, and she did it more. Like she taunted him, testing his power to resist her. He wasn’t sure how much longer he could do that.

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