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Sunday Summary: Cold Snap

It’s definitely gotten cold the last few days. It was about 1°F this morning. It’s up to a whole 8 now at 11:30. My husband has plowed more in the last week or so than he had in the last few months. But, now the snow can go away as far as I’m concerned.

I’m playing around with my writing calendar today. Deciding on a new approach. I’ve gotten way ahead of myself(and my CP) on revising. So, I’m going to hold off revising anything else until I have the story before it in the series back from her. Right now, that leaves me with Guarding the Heart to revise(since it’s the first in the series). That way if there are any big changes to make in the one I get back, I can go to the next one and fix it/rewrite before I’ve made a lot of other changes. I hope that made sense. It did in my head, but not so sure now that I’ve written it out. And whatever’s closest to publication will be at the top of the list, so right now that means I’ll be working on Stained Snow, then Stained by Ashes, then Guarding the Heart. And as I get stuff back from my CP(or betas), it’ll get added into that list. If I get caught up on that list, I’ll go back to my drafting list. Right now, I have me working on all of them at once(when I’m editing for half an hour each, but I’ll change that to an hour when I’m focusing on them). I might change that, but for now it seems to be working for me.

Anyway, on to how I’ve done this week. I didn’t quite meet all my word count & plotting goals. But, I made a lot of progress anyway. I also figured out my theme for this year’s A-Z blog challenge and got all the posts titled. I’m going to plan them out and maybe even start writing some ahead of time. I’ll work on those when I get everything else done.

  • Ready When You Are – write 20 minutes a day/add 2000 words – done all 5 days. I added 2383 words.
  • Love Who You Love – write 20 minutes a day/add 2000 words – done all 5 days. I added 1633 words on this. Not as much as I wanted, but making progress.
  • By the Gun – write 20 minutes a day/add 2000 words – done all 5 days. I added 1995 words to this one. So close to my goal.
  • Protecting the Heart – write Declan’s back story, start Eva’s if time – I’ve written 2 pages of Declan’s back story. I did mention in Guarding the Heart, that he’s the most talkative of the group. I can already see that playing out in this back story(in other words, it’s probably going to be long).
  • Rylan & Kirsten – write Rylan’s back story, start Kirsten’s if time – I’ve got 3 pages of Rylan’s back story written. I should be wrapping this one up fairly soon.
  • Stained by Ashes – finish CP edits – Read through for places where I need to add in setting detail. Setting it aside until I get Stained Snow polished and ready to go.
  • Stained Snow – Polish – I’ve gotten through most of my list of words to search for. I should be able to finish this Monday or Tuesday. Then, I’ll do a final read through.
  • My Way to You – Read Through – Setting this aside per my new plan.
  • Come Back Down – write 40 minutes/add 1000 words – I worked on this for 40 minutes this weekend and added 725 words. Not quite as many as I wanted, but I think I’ve figured out most of the rest of the story.
  • Read: She Sat He Stood – 50% – I’m at 50%.
  • Read: Far From You(Tess Sharpe), Wicked Ties(Shayla Black), Free Agent(Mari Carr), Love Ever After(various), At Last(Jill Shalvis), Dangerously Bound(Eden Bradley), Sins of the Warrior(Linda Poitevin), & Double Play(Jill Shalvis) – I finished Far From You(loved it), Wicked Ties(really enjoyed this one), and Free Agent(really liked it, too). I also read the Love Ever After bundle. Well, I actually only read one of them. Most were a part of series I haven’t read yet(or aren’t to the point where that one falls), and I hate reading series out of order. I really liked At Last. Didn’t really get into Dangerously Bound, but I finished it. And I’m about 20% into Sins of the Warrior. I’m hoping to finish it today, and moving Double Play to next week’s list.
  • Read through CP’s MS – I finished reading this Thursday and got all my comments typed up yesterday. Will be shooting her an email later today.
  • Knit: Zig Zag Ribbed Scarf – I should have this finished today. Just have one more zag to do.

A lot of blue and green. Not bad even with the red that got thrown in there.

  • Ready When You Are – Write 100 minutes/2000 words
  • Love Who You Love – Write 100 minutes/2000 words
  • By the Gun – Write 100 minutes/2000 words
  • Protecting the Heart – finish Declan’s backstory, start Eva’s
  • Rylan & Kirsten – finish Rylan’s backstory, start Kirsten’s
  • Stained Snow – finish Polishing, final read through
  • Come Back Down – write 40 minutes/1000 words
  • Read: She Sat He Stood – 75%
  • Read: Sins of the Warrior(Linda Poitevin), Double Play(Jill Shalvis), The Darkest Flame(Christina Lee), Carry On(Rainbow Rowell), Against the Storm(Kat Martin), Craving Flight(Tamsen Parker), Brash(Nicola Marsh), & Verum(Courtney Cole)
  • Knit: Zig Zag Ribbed Scarf
  • Crochet: Leaping Stripes and Blocks Blanket(finally got the yarn I need to finish this)
  • A-Z Challenge – plan through G post



Comments on: "Sunday Summary: Cold Snap" (8)

  1. Nice progress this week!

    I’m impressed that you can keep so many stories straight. I can do that to a degree, but you have me beat!

  2. I like that connection between number of words and time spent writing. Looks like a productive strategy. Like Erin, I’m in awe of how you keep so many stories moving forward in various stages of editing. Make it a good week!

  3. Your list reminded me that I have to do my A to Z Planning.

  4. Kat Morrisey said:

    Awesome progress this week! Kicking butt and taking names, as usual! 😉

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