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I haven’t done the last few days of the Word a Day blog challenge. I could come up with some excuses for it, but really, just couldn’t think past a vague idea for any of the words. And I didn’t feel like putting that much pressure on myself, after finishing one blog challenge in January and getting ready to do another in April(which I’m really looking forward to doing). Anyway, so I probably won’t post anything for every word this month. But, if that day’s word strikes me somehow, I will.

Anyway, today’s word is Family. I could probably go on and on about family; the ones we’re given and those we make. This is a theme that finds it’s way into a lot of my writing. My characters come from quite a variety of families. Some big, some really small. Some loving and accepting, others judgmental or cold.

My own family situation is probably not all that unusual, not in this day anyway. My parents got divorced when I was seven. I was daddy’s little girl and took it especially hard. My mom got remarried a year later. I didn’t always get along with my stepdad, but he’s the one who was there…for everything. A lot of the stepfathers I write are actually based on him and the relationship I have with him.

My dad would probably blame my mom as the reason he was never around. But, the fact is, she did everything she could to make sure we did see him. He was the one who was always cancelling his weekends with us. The one who always seemed to have something better to do than spending time with us. And when we were there, he seemed to think we always had to be doing something, when all I really wanted to do was spend time with him.

I have two older sisters. And, again, we haven’t always gotten along. Though I was always the quiet one, so most of the fighting happened between them. Even now that we’re all in our 30s, most of the fighting still happens between them.

There’s a number of cousins, both first and more distant, but we call all of them cousins, because otherwise it gets rather confusing. So, some of my bigger families in my stories have been based on them.

Overall, I have one of those fairly close-knit and supportive families. They may not always agree with your decisions, but they’ll still be there to support you.

When I first met my husband’s family, at least his dad’s side, it was a lot like going to my own family. And they accepted me right in, too.

Like I said, I write about a lot of different types of families. And sometimes that means meshing together very different experiences. I deal a lot with these different families in my Flames series. Like in Flames of Restoration, there’s a lot about the families we make. Nolan and Mark consider each other brothers after serving together in the Marine Corps and now working together for the fire department. Flames of Restoration is Nolan’s story, but this part deals with Mark and his thoughts about his own family, and how he can make things work with Caitie who had a very different family experience:

He’d never wanted kids. Hadn’t thought he’d be any kind of father. He hadn’t exactly had the warmest upbringing. And he didn’t want to turn out anything like his father. They may not be estranged anymore, but they were never going to be close. He wouldn’t want his kids to feel that way about him.
His kids? Why was he even having these thoughts? Him and Caitie hadn’t really talked about kids before. He knew she loved them, at least all her nieces and nephews, and her cousin’s kids. And, God, were there a lot of them.
But, they’d just moved in together a couple months ago. They weren’t even engaged. That had his chest tightening again. He’d thought about it. But, it was too soon, wasn’t it? It hadn’t even been six months since their one night stand at Kayla and Adrian’s wedding. He let out a soft snort at that.
Like one night ever would have been enough with her.
His breath caught at that. There were some days he wasn’t sure any amount of time would be enough with her. What did that mean, though? Certainly not that they could make a marriage work. Were they too different for that? Just look at their families. Hers was large, Catholic, close, loving. His was small, he doubted his parents believed in anyone but themselves. They were cold and about as far apart as they could get. How could people coming from such different directions make anything work?
And that thought just about ripped his heart from his chest. He wasn’t going to let his family take one more thing from him. They had nothing to do with whether or not him and Caitie worked out. She may end up walking away from him one day, but it wasn’t going to be now. And if now was all he’d get, he’d hold onto it as long as he could.

I could probably say more about different families, and my own, but this is already longer than I figured.


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  1. I enjoy reading your words, Fallon. I’m glad you wrote about family today. I am just getting around to writing mine. I’m doing stream of consciousness writing so I don’t think too much, I just get it done lickety split and don’t think! lol

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