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I started out this week with a plan to write for 20 minutes on that day’s project(or work on plotting for 20 minutes) then move on to editing. That last for all of a day. Yesterday, I decided I’d work for 20 minutes on each of the projects and then move on to editing. That still gives me 3 of the 5 hours I set aside for my writing day. Now, I’m just finding the best way to work them and everything else in. Today, I worked on the three that are already in the drafting stage first thing. Then, I did all my chores. Then, I plotted. Now, I’m doing social media stuff. Once I’m done with this, I’ll edit for this afternoon, then get to everything else(which is pretty much just getting dinner ready, reading a little of a craft book, knitting, then my reading). I’m thinking this will work pretty good for me.

Now, since it’s Wednesday, it’s time to share a little snippet for WiPPet Wednesday. I’m going to share a little more from Love Who You Love since the others I’m drafting I’m not that far into. Today I have 14 lines(2+3+2+0+1+6) from Chapter 11.

“I don’t see why Holland even hires females to work here. Obviously they’d rather gab on the phone than get the work done.”
Her gaze shot up at the derision in the voice. An older man stood in front of her, about the same age as her father, probably. His blond hair was shot through with silver, and his blue eyes were hard. Everything else, including his voice, seemed hard as well.
“Mr. Morrey. I was taking care of some business,” she said, trying to keep her voice friendly and professional. Even though, what she really wanted to call him was an asshole. “What can I do for you?”
“You can tell me why that car I brought in two weeks ago still hasn’t been finished. Doren promised it would be done by today, but I talked to that bitch in the garage, and she said it wasn’t ready.”
“Oh my god, Dad,” a voice said from behind the man. “Would you stop being an asshole? Things happen sometimes.”
“A promise is a promise, Erik. You should keep that in mind.”

At least Erik isn’t afraid of calling him an ass. Which I also may have done as I wrote this part. I may continue sharing from this part for a while. A lot happens here and from this scene.

As for my RoW80 goals:

  • Ready When You Are(Hunter Family #3) – 500 words(or however much I can write in ~20 minutes) – 1308 so far this week. An average of 436 a day.
  • Love Who You Love(Kurztown #3) – 34000 words – 34264 so far. I’ve written an average of 407 a day on this.
  • By the Gun – 4500 words. – I’ve reached past 4600 words on this. Yesterday I spent most of the 20 minutes reading over what I’d already written since I haven’t worked on it since October(I think).  Averaged 207 words on this over the past two days. Hopefully that will pick up as I get back into it.
  • Protecting the Heart(BC Security #2) – Brainstorm – got a good bit of this done. Still brainstorming characters.
  • Rylan & Kirsten(Gilbert, CO #4.75) – Brainstorm – same with this one.
  • Stained Snow – edit as I get chapters back(forgot to add this on Sunday) – I’ve gotten through 6 chapters so far this week. And I have 3 more waiting for me.
  • My Way to You(Gilbert, CO #4.25) – 1st revisions – Almost through this. Just have to fill in & check some details. Should finish today.
  • Come Back Down – 20000 words – haven’t worked on this yet this week.
  • Read: She Sat He Stood – 25% – I’m at 10%
  • Read: Red(Kate Serine), Warrior Mage(Lindsay Buroker), First Time in Forever(Sarah Morgan), Last First Kiss(Lia Riley), One Night(A.J. Pine), Going Long(Cari Quinn), & Far From You(Tess Sharpe) – Loved Red & Warrior Mage. Almost finished with First Time in Forever, but it hasn’t really grabbed me. But, I was halfway through before I realized I still didn’t really care about the characters, so I kept reading anyway. I don’t know if I’ll get the next book in the series.
  • Knit: Zig Zag Rib Scarf – Making progress on this. I have one zig and 1 zag done(it actually has them separated in the pattern.

The week’s going pretty good so far. And my time goal seems to be working(granted it’s only day 3), so I’ll continue that until it’s not working for me anymore.

Comments on: "Writing Wednesday: Finding Routine" (16)

  1. Hi,
    Sounds like his dad really has a problem. His tone made me angry and I probably would have forgot to be customer friendly.
    Nice WIPpet.
    You’ll find my WIPpet on the following link:

  2. Great progress as usual, Fallon, congrats!

    I can just imagine your pov’s irritation in this scene. 🙂

  3. I really liked how those daily writing goals keep changing to fit the actual work being done. It shows me that one routine may not work, so, fine, find another! Thank you! As I adjust to a new home, new city, and lots of company for the next month, I may have to rethink my goals entirely, for my ‘normal’ routine is definitely changing. Re the WIPpet, my gosh, I wanted to start cussing right away at Mr.Morrey. Glad I was that Erik called him out. Promises an interesting next scene as our heroine meets Erik. My equivalent experience happened yesterday, heading down a Texas freeway at 75 mph with 3 back-seat drivers!!!! Have a great week . . . editing, editing, writing, and working on that scarf.

    • Thanks. I know my way of doing things doesn’t work for everyone. But, for now, it’s working for me. Once it isn’t anymore, I’ll adjust.
      Kendall already knows Erik, but he isn’t the hero of this story. What happens next is some setup for his story, though (which when I first wrote him into some ‘past’ scenes in a previous story, I never thought he’d get his own. Let’s just say, he used to act just like his father).

  4. So…the dad is a bit of an asshole… Looking forwards to hopefully finding out a bit more about the characters in future WIPpets!

  5. I’ve been in customer service and cashier lines with my (now estranged) mother, and felt the need to be extra-extra nice to the people she had just treated badly. She’s not into cursing, but it is possible to mistreat people with ‘clean’ language…

    In these cases, the problem never seems to be as much with the service person as it does with the customer, who almost always seems to have deeper issues.

    It looks like your current method is working for now. I think those of us who set a multitude of goals maybe need to be more adaptable than most at how we approach them.

    Right now, I seem to be in a more administrative than creative place, probably due to the aftermath of the intense creative push to get my story finished and submitted in time. I know the tide will shift again (I can feel it starting, already), so I’m taking advantage of the current energy to wrap things like Stained Snow up, and move others forward.

    It’ll work for you till it doesn’t, and then you’ll come up with something new. =)

    • I’ve worked a register (at my uncle’s hardware store) and in a couple restaurants, so I always try to be polite, plus it’s not in me to be really rude. And it really bothers me when someone I’m with is rudeto people just doing their jobs.

      And Erik’s father. ..yeah, he’s a piece of work. The snippet I plan to share next will show even more of that.

      It really does seem to be working well for me. I’ll be changing it up some next month, since I’ll be switching my focus back to drafting.

      • I’m not rude by nature, either. Service people work hard and take more than their fair share of abuse; why make it worse?

        I’ll be still mostly revision oriented until April, other than TnT stories, although I’ll be doing some more plotting and planning in March. I’ll be playing with new method, so there will be more on that come next month.

        I don’t think I like Erik’s father very much.

  6. Oh, wow. He needs a punch to the face. You’ve evoked his jerkiness really well.

  7. Kat Morrisey said:

    I just saw this, and holy moly, Fallon! You’ve got so much happening with those characters and WiPs of yours! 🙂 I know you’ll wrangle them into submission though, and I look forward to reading them all!

  8. […] Even better than world domination. As promised, I’m continuing with the scene I shared last week. This week, I have 21 paragraphs(2+10+2+0+1+6) picking up at the end of the last […]

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