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It’s been a pretty good week overall for me. Been pretty busy writing and editing. Not too much else going on. We’re supposed to be hit with more snow today through sometime Tuesday. So, I may be doing battle with the snowblower again(although my husband showed me how to use the electric start for it, so that should make it easier).

  • Love Who You Love – get to 23000 words – 23014/23000 words. They were pretty slow and steady this week. But, it’s coming along.
  • Flames of Retribution – 2nd round revisions – finished these, as well as revisions on the two connected short stories.
  • Stained Snow – edit chapters as I get them back – finished 6/7. Counting this as a win, since I just got chapter 7 back this morning. It will go on tomorrow’s list.
  • Come Back Down – reach 14000 words – 14123/14000 words
  • Read: Writing Vivid Settings – 55% – got to this part.
  • Read: Heir of Fire(Sarah J. Maas), Be With Me(J. Lynn), Alicia(Gloria Weber), The Inn at Eagle Point(Sherryl Woods), Between Everything and Us(Rebecca Paula), The Siren(Tiffany Reisz) – I finished Heir of Fire on Thursday. It took a lot longer to read than I’d expected. But, it was so good. I read Alicia while eating dinner. it was short but good. Yesterday I finished Be with Me and The Inn at Eagle Point. Started Between Everything and Us this morning.
  • Knit: Antler Hat – finished thiswp-1452703179989.jpg
  • Crochet: Leaping Stripes and Blocks Blanket – Row 40 got through almost row 24 and I ran out of one of the colors I need. So, I’ll be setting this aside until I can get it.

Got a lot done this week. Hoping I can keep this up for the next week, too.

  • Love Who You Love – get to 28000 words
  • Flames of Retribution – Polish
  • Stained Snow – continue to edit chapters as I get them back.
  • Come Back Down – get to 16000 words
  • Read: Writing Vivid Settings – 80%
  • Read: Between Everything and Us(Rebecca Paula), The Siren(Tiffany Reisz), Only His(Susan Mallery), The Year We Fell Down(Sarina Bowen), Star Cruise: Marooned(Veronica Scott), Not in the Script(Amy Finnegan), & A Home By the Sea(Christina Skye)
  • Loom: Zig Zag Hat

Comments on: "Sunday Summary: Steady Progress" (4)

  1. Awesome progress! Heir of Fire is part of a series, right?

  2. I really like how you set up goals for the coming week and so borrowed that idea for my “daily work” Word file. More specificity! And I admire how you can balance so many different projects — from short stories to novels. Great progress. Here, our snow melted with today’s rain, but should return later this week. Hope you don’t get so much snow you have to use that snowblower!

    • Thanks. Glad if my way can help you. 🙂
      We actually didn’t end up with too much snow. I think they got more to the north, right up by Lake Erie.

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