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It’s day 17 of Just Jot It January, and today’s prompt is collection, brought to us by Deborah at Container Chronicles. Also, brought late to you today, because of my inability to do anything I forget to put on my daily to-do list.

I’ve had different collections over the years. When I was really young, probably between the ages of 5-10, I had a collection of stuffed elephants. I had a really big grey one, who ended up having the end of his trunk ripped out because he was carried around and played with so much. I had a smaller hand puppet elephant, and another that was pink. Among several others. It’s funny because now my 12 year old niece is obsessed with elephants, too.

I also had a small collection of beanie babies one time. And a larger collection of Grand Champion toy horses. Breyers were always too expensive, but the Grand Champion ones were more affordable. I don’t know how many I ended up with, but I still have most of them in a tote box somewhere.

I’ve had rock and shell collections. I’ve also collected music CDs, mostly country music. Though now I listen to all my music online anyway. Now, mostly, I collect books. I have a lot of them. Unfortunately, we don’t have a lot of room for bookshelves in our house. So, it’s more of a revolving collection. You won’t see any of my J.D. Robb/Nora Roberts, Roni Loren, or Louis L’Amour books leaving the house. Those stay right where they are. But, all the other books can go into the rotation.

This is what I love the used bookstore for. I still buy new, mostly in ebook. But, if I can find them at the used bookstore, especially some of the older ones in a series I’m just getting into, I’ll get them there. The first time I took any books in there, I took in 16. We left with another 8(half of those were for the kids, though).

And then there’s my collection of bookmarks. Which may be a bit extensive since I do most of my reading on my kindle anymore.



Comments on: "JusJoJan: Day 17 – Collection" (3)

  1. I enjoyed reading about your collections over the years! Glad you mentioned book marks! I have a bunch of them too, of all kinds! πŸ™‚

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