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Welcome to day 11 of Just Jot It January. Today’s theme is effortless.

Not a lot comes effortlessly to me, really. Well, breathing is pretty effortless. Probably shouldn’t take that for granted.

Although school did for the most part. Except math. Math was not good at all. Tests were usually easy for me, though. And yet I always found myself worrying about them. I was one of those that never really studied. I did the work, read through the books, but I never did extensive studying. And I still made it on the honor roll most grading periods.

Now if we would have had to give an oral report, that would have been a completely different situation. I get in front of people and freeze. Or as the case was in public speaking in both high school and college, I just read straight off my notes. There’s a reason I didn’t get good grades in that class.

Then, of course, there was the speech I gave(in the college class) on ways to donate to cancer research and why you should. Talked about my childhood friend who had died when we were about 8 from cancer. At the end of the speech, my professor asked how my friend was doing now. I almost walked right out. That was almost a dozen years ago, and is still one of my most clear memories from college.

And this had veered of my initial thoughts, so I guess that’s all for today’s jottings.

Comments on: "JusJoJan: Day 11 – Effortless" (3)

  1. I’m so much better, nerve-wise, now than when I was younger talking to an audience. I think it’s something that changes with age.

  2. I was that student to. I only gave my full focus to the things that inspired me, and I’m still that way. At the time, I was called an underachiever; now, people seem amazed at how much I can accomplish.

    The only difference I see is that I’m old enough now to decide for myself what’s worth my time and attention, and I’ve trimmed away nearly all the things that don’t feed joy or passion (for me, or for my beloveds).

    A lot of school would have been wasted time, if I hadn’t been drawing or writing stories and poetry (it was mostly Spock stories, back then).

    Seeing that is one of the biggest reasons that we unschool – I want my children to be able to give themselves fully to those things that fire their imaginations – I think we all have the seeds of our best destinies inside us, as part of our natures. School can so easily get in the way of that -not for everyone, but certainly for some. It was that way for both my husband and me.

    Putting yourself out there in public is HARD. I’ve read poetry and sung in front of very accepting, non-judgmental groups – but still very, very scary.

    Your professor showed a rather remarkable lack of sensitivity, in my opinion. I grieve with you for the loss of your friend. I’m sure that’s a pain that never really goes away.

    • I was actually usually called an overachiever. They probably thought I was doing a lot more studying to get the grades I did than what I actually did. I did enjoy school for the most part. The other part was the students more than school itself.

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