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Welcome to Day 8 of Just Jot It January. I’ve been mulling over today’s prompt of ‘honorable’ for most of the day, really. Almost thought about not posting anything.

But, I got to thinking. These are the characters I write, for the most part. People who do the right thing, or at least try to. They usually at least have honorable intentions. I realized that a majority of my characters are cops, firefighters, or military(mostly former). Not all of them by any means, but probably a large handful of them. My Flames series does surround a whole group of firefighters.

Now, even though they might be honorable, that doesn’t mean they always make the most honorable decisions. Like Mark Young, in Flames of Retribution, which I’m revising now. He joined the Marine Corps right out of high school. Spent nearly 8 years serving. But, he didn’t always make the right decisions.

He remembered the feel of Caitie’s fingers tracing his tattoos. The way she’d murmured “Semper Fidelis” as she drew the words over his bicep. Did she know what those words meant? He remembered explaining it to another woman in what seemed like another lifetime.
“It means always faithful. It’s our motto as Marines. But, it also means I’ll come back to you, Deena. I’ll always come back to you.”
He came back, but she hadn’t wanted him anymore when he told her what he’d done. He ran a hand over his face. He’d screwed that up. He couldn’t put any of the blame anywhere else. She hadn’t been able to forgive him or live with what he’d done. He closed his eyes for a moment, trying to push that out of his head. How many times had Nolan told him it wasn’t his fault. Yes, he’d screwed up, he’d been an asshole. But, that didn’t mean she should have-. No, he needed to stop thinking about it. He needed to finish his workout then jump in the shower. He didn’t work today, but he didn’t think he could stay in the house either. Not with all these thoughts haunting him.

I never said I wrote perfect characters.


Comments on: "JusJoJan: Day 8 – Honorable" (8)

  1. Great post! Flawed characters are so much more interesting 🙂 this one definitely sounds interesting!

  2. Totally with Lori. The day I first saw T’Pol shove that hypo of trellium into her jugular? About ten plot tribbles popped up before the next scene ended.

    When I was a decade or two younger, my characters tended to be written black and white, to fit the role I’d cast them in. Then I pulled their strings, and made them do my will…

    Now, I live for those moments when a character goes off-script, because that’s the instant I KNOW they’ve become REAL. And real people aren’t perfect. They screw things up, and it’s, to borrow a word, fascinating to write or read about that.

    Most of my characters fit your imperfect but intending to be honorable mode…and, if you’re interested, you can read about Trip screwing up and bemoaning his own dishonorable acts over at my place….

    • Some of my favorite characters are the more flawed ones. I’very actually worried about this one and people not sympathizing much with Mark because of the cheating. Which he still carries a lot of guilt for.
      As for characters going off-script, yes! Nolan actually had a surprise for me when I was writing Mark’s story.Something I wasn’t planning on, but I couldn’t keep writing until I stopped resisting it.

  3. Perfect characters are boring. 🙂 Nicely written, Fallon. 🙂

  4. Morgaine620 said:

    But characters your readers can care about 🙂

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