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Monday Mumbles: Late

I’m late to getting around to posting today. Dinner’s almost ready so I’ll probably be getting around to posting this even later. Most of the time,  I just wouldn’t bother posting by this time, but I want to try to post every day if I can.

Part of why I’m so late is the fact I slept late. Late is relative, of course. For me, it means falling back asleep after waking up at 3. Then turning off my alarm at 4 and going back to sleep again. And waking up again around 5:45 and thinking,  ” crap,  kids are going to be up any minute. ” I still wanted to get my writing done for the morning though. So, I did that while they got dressed for school and had breakfast. Managed over 800 words before I had to take kids down to get on the bus.

I also got the first chapter of a manuscript back from my beta reader last night, so I decided to do those edits this morning after kids left for school. I’m planning to work on those as I get them back. After that, I started a read through of the third novel in my Flames series. That was taking a while, even though I only planned to get through the first 25% today, so I started doing one other thing on my to do list after reading a chapter. Did still manage to meet my goal for the day.

And among all that, we finished rearranging or room to make space for the new puppy’s crate. That is finally done at least. Good thing since it looks like we might be able to bring him home earlier than we thought.

Check out the other participants for Just Jot It January here. Maybe they weren’t late getting to their post.

Comments on: "Monday Mumbles: Late" (5)

  1. Feverishly setting my 2016 goals today (talk about running late!), answering comments, and making the rounds. I expect to have the next chapter to you by Thursday, and two more a bit later in the week. We had a doctor’s appointment and shopping to do today, so that took up most of my time.

    Excited to get a look at this new pup! =D

    • Good luck on getting your goals set (unless you already have and I missed it). Seems Monday was just a late day 😉
      Looks like we’ll be getting him today, so there’ll be more pictures soon.

  2. Wow, you’re even busier and more sleep-deprived than I am, it seems. And I already have my puppy! Luckily he’s sleeping through the night (in his crate in the living room) about every other night now. Then again, my night is only 5 hours long… 😛
    Best of luck with the new addition! And the writing too!

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