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We survived all the Christmas celebrations. And everything is packed back up now. So, my house is the way it’s supposed to be again.

And, then, today we went and looked at a puppy. Maybe not our smartest idea. But, it’s been something we’ve talked about off and on about getting another dog. Someone my husband knows posted pictures of the puppies her dog had. We went to see them today. Got to hold the smallest, and apparently calmest, for a while. And took our dog along to introduce them. She behaved a lot better than I expected, but I guess the real test will be when we bring him home. In about 2 more weeks. So, now time for me to read everything on training a puppy since I’ve only ever gotten older(more than 1 year) dogs before.

Before I get to my wrap-up, it’s WiPPeT Wednesday!! I’ve been working on revising Flames of Retribution, so that’s what you get today. 33 sentences(1+2+30) from the prologue. For anyone who’s read Flames of Redemption(or snippets I’ve shared from Retribution), you may recognize Mark. Caitie is Adrian’s cousin, and they’re at Adrian & Kayla’s wedding).

Mark stood in line at the bar to order his third drink. He knew he should cut himself off after this one. Bad things happened when he had too much whiskey. Even if they felt good at the time.
Then, an arm slipped through his and turned him away. “Wouldn’t you rather dance with me than have another drink?”
He tried not to look down at Caitie, but he couldn’t help himself. And he would have sworn her bright blue eyes were laughing at him. “Actually I hoped the drink would dull my wanting of you.”
The last time he’d seen her, she’d been wearing a tank top and cut-off shorts. And she’d had her hair pulled back into a tail. He’d mistakenly assumed she was a teenager. Thank God she wasn’t, and he wasn’t a perv for his reaction to her.
But, today…well, there was no mistaking her for a teenager today. Her red hair was braided around her head like a crown with more falling down her back. And that crimson dress fit every single curve. He wanted to strip it right off of her.
“And why’s that?” she asked. “I promise not to step on your toes.”
“I don’t want your brothers to beat me up.”
She laughed, and it wrapped around him. She could bring him to his knees with that laugh.
“Really, Mr. Marine?” She asked, walking her fingers up his chest. “I thought you were all big and bad. Not afraid of anything. But, you’re worried about a couple of city cops. Don’t worry. I’m sure you could take them.”
He knew she was goading him but didn’t care. He liked the feel of her fingers on him. “A dance, huh? How do you know I won’t step on your toes?”

I originally wrote this as a separate piece and started Flames of Retribution shortly after this(like the next day), but I figured I’d put it in as a prologue. It may end up coming back out or at least I might cut more(already cut out over 3k from the original).

Book mail yesterday. More coming tomorrow.

Book mail yesterday. More coming tomorrow.

As for how I’m doing the first half of this week…pretty good, actually.

  • Love Who You Love – get to 15000 words – Only at 12181/15000 words. Was feeling stuffed up this morning and the words didn’t really want to come.
  • Flames of Retribution – 1st revisions – Doing pretty good with this. Have a few adjustments pertaining to the timeline to make & some other details to fix/fill in.
  • Come Back Down – get to 10000 words – weekend project
  • RoW80 Sponsor Post – made a little progress on this. Have over a week to finish it.
  • Read: Writing about Villains – finish -about 75% through it
  • Read: Destiny Unchosen(Lindsay Buroker) & Only Yours (Susan Mallery) – finished both of these and enjoyed them. Also read Frostbite(Lynn Rush), which wasn’t bad, but didn’t get really pulled into it. And Kissing in America(Margo Rabb), which I really liked. Now, I’m reading Caged Wolf(S.M. Reine). Not too far into it yet.
  • Loom: 2nd Hat – finished this, too. Not starting any new projects this year.

As for the month’s progress:


  • Love Who You Love(Kurztown #3) yes! Though, as I write, I think a good bit of it is going to change.


  • Love Who You Love – write 9000 words – I’ve written over 12k, so I’ve surpassed this.
  • Come Back Down – Write 4000 words – 4115 words added to this.


  • Chasing the Ghost – Revise & Polish – done. Cut almost 3k.
  • Flames of Retribution – 1st Revisions – nearly there. Added 984 words in new words(doesn’t count the prologue since that was written, just in a different document)


  • Read/listen: 21 books – 30/21 books. 8 of those were audiobooks.
  • Read: The Word-Loss Diet(Rayne Hall) – read this and should finish Writing about Villains as well.


  • Knit: Cuddly Chevron Blanket – Finishedwp-1449406413975.jpg
  • Crochet: Twist N’ Shout Slouchy Hat – finishedwp-1450615817240.jpg
  • Loom: Hat – finished 2 of these.wp-1450883440175.jpg wp-1451501192561.jpg

As for the year(should be interesting since I changed things several times):


  • Outline – I have 19 stories on this year’s list to outline. I may not get to all of them, or something else might strike me so I move them around. So, I’m not listing them all here.

I outlined 11 stories. Not all the ones I wanted to get to, but still a good bit. Some of those I outlined, I haven’t even gotten to writing yet.

  • Write – 9 on this list. The first 3 are the unfinished ones. Again, I may not finish them all, but I have some to choose from. 🙂

I finished 11 stories. Also some short stories that I didn’t count.

  • Edit – 5 on this list to at least get sent to my CP. After that, it depends on when I get them back from her.

I only actually sent 2 to my CP(and still waiting to get them back), but I got 6 others polished and ready to go. So, I’ll count that as a win.

  • Publish: At least Flames of Redemption. Also hoping to get Stained Snow, The Choice, and maybe one more out this year.

I published Flames of Redemption and First Choice, Second Chance(formerly The Choice) and had my novella, Into the Sun, published in the World Unknown Review. So, a partial win.


  • Read: 250 books, which means 21/month. I’ve done at least that 3 times this year. It will probably average out. I counted earlier today. Once I finish Caged Wolf, I’ll have an even 250 books for the year.
  • Listen: 12 audiobooks(will probably end up being more, but that’s at least one a month) – 69 audiobooks. Will be an even 70 if I finish The Dream Thieves tomorrow, but that’s unlikely(I still have about 7.5 hours left). 10 of those were the Shadowhunter Academy books, which were all short. There were some other shorter ones in there too.
  • Research: At least 1 craft/research book a month. – 11/12. I had two months when I didn’t read any.


  • Knit: 25 projects – 9/25
  • Crochet: 25 projects – 11/25
  • Learn New Craft – learned to knit on a loom. Finished a scarf & two hats.

I didn’t get everything finished, but still a lot. I’ll have goals for the new year, month, and RoW80 round up on Sunday(the round doesn’t officially start until Monday, but I usually put my goals up on Sunday).

Comments on: "Writing Wednesday: End of Year Wrap-Up" (16)

  1. Nice flirting. ^_^

    But mostly… OMIGOSH PUPPYYYYY!!! What kind?!

  2. Puppies are cool! Ours is an old gentledog now…but he was feisty as a pup!

    Love the snippet, especially Mark’s taking Caitie in. And her teasing. And the touching…OK, all of it.

    I got my contributor’s copies today. Was on the way to a friend’s house with the kids, so saved them to open with her. That was fun!

    You had a fantastic year. My sponsor post is circling in my head, but T’Pol keeps getting in the way with a whole new mess of stories….she really is the insatiable type!

    • Glad you liked it. I loved writing Mark & Caitie.
      My copies came Saturday (didn’t actually get them to Sunday since we were gone most of Saturday)

      • Mark and Caitie definitely have my attention. I’ll be looking for more.

        My daughter is reading my story! Mostly, my family doesn’t read what I write, although all of them will listen from time to time.

        I try not to be disappointed by that…but it really tickles me that she’s reading, because she helped me edit it, and listened to my final readthrough last January – and she remembered it! =)

        Of course, she’s also reading a Five Nights at Freddy’s novel, the Welcome to Night Vale novel, assorted fan fiction, and we just got her the second Grace American Girl book (she got the doll for her birthday, and already read the first book), and a sample of the third, because it’s fairly expensive, but only available through today…

        I don’t know where she gets this reading multiple books at once thing… LOL!

    • Forgot the rest of my reply.
      I know what I want to write for my sponsor post, it’s just getting the words out.

  3. Congrats on all your progress and all your lovely projects! Loved the descriptions in your snippet too. 🙂

    Have a great new year!

  4. You have been busy! How exciting about the puppy. Hoping all goes well with the new addition to your family.

    Love the snippet. Caitie and Mark seem like they’re going to be a lot of fun together, and I’m hoping those brothers of hers don’t try to spoil her fun.

  5. Eee, puppy! 😀

    I love the dialogue in this scene. They seem like two really fun characters.

  6. Puppy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Puppy breath, one of my favorite things. *sigh* I am hoping to have a litter this spring, but so far my girl is not cooperating with my schedule. Just remember, patience and consistency are the keys. And puppy kisses. Lots and lots of puppy kisses.

    Nice snippet. Caitie is being quite the tease, though.

  7. […] another snippet from Flames of Retribution. 7 sentences(1+6) from Chapter 1. This is the day after last week’s snippet. This deals with some of Mark’s back story, […]

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