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WeWriWa: “Not to Me”

Welcome to my final Weekend Writing Warriors installment for the year. I’m actually writing this up on Thursday because I’m ahead on everything for the week, and I know I have time now. I’m still sharing from Come Back Down. There may be some spoilers for Into the Sun, but I’ll try to minimize them. Today I have 9 sentences. I’ve skipped a little since last week’s, mostly some of Birdie’s thoughts and a few of those spoilers. The first line of dialogue is Trace speaking.

   ”I was starting to think you wouldn’t make it.”
I smiled at him and reached up to thread my fingers into the ends of his rust-red hair. “People like to stop and talk.”
“Not to me,” he murmured.
“That’s because you scowl at them and keep your arms crossed in front of you,” I told him. I ran my hand down one side of his leather vest, “Add this to the mix, and it intimidates them.”
“I don’t scowl,” he insisted, but already lines were digging into his forehead as he did just that.
I laughed and brushed my lips over his. He didn’t laugh but he did meet my kiss.

I hope everyone has(had, by the time anyone reads this) a good holiday if you celebrate. We’re celebrating straight from Thursday through Saturday. That’s what happens when both you and your husband come from divorced parents.

Comments on: "WeWriWa: “Not to Me”" (11)

  1. Excellent dialogue, Fallon.
    Hope your Christmas was very merry!

  2. Very visual writing, Fallon. Easy to picture this scene! I really like this line: “I don’t scowl,” he insisted, but already lines were digging into his forehead as he did just that. 🙂

  3. Fun snippet, I love the way the guy frowns even while denying he does that. We had a LOT of Legos at my house too!

  4. Clearly he is not a man with a well-honed sense of self-awareness.

  5. Trace seems still unhappy – I was hoping things were better for him, now…Birdie to the rescue?

    • Well, he is happier, though he still has his moments. Happy can be subjective, though, and not always obvious by an expression. I’ve been asked several times what I’m upset about when I was just thinking. Apparently I do the scowling/crossing arms thing too.

      • My husband has a habit of talking quietly to himself when he’s thinking of having a conversation.

        I have a tendency to sigh deeply when pondering, which has on more than one occasion led one of the kids to apologize because they think that they were too loud and I’m annoyed…

        I’m glad to hear that Trace is feeling better about life. He’s had a hard go, and he’s decent. He deserves some of those bright shiny moments.

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