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Hard to believe it’s Wednesday again. Although, for some reason, I kept thinking yesterday was Wednesday. Not really sure why.

But, I did finally get the Christmas tree up. The tree box was jammed in the back of the boy’s closet, so getting it out was the hardest thing. Then, the box with all the ornaments was at the bottom of the closet. So, I ended up just pulling some of them out, so I didn’t have to pull the large tote out(yes, we have a lot of ornaments and my MIL buys more every year). I put some of the ornaments up then let the kids put their news ones up once they were home from school.

And the second volume of the World Unknown Review released yesterday. My novella, Into the Sun, is included in it. So, you can go check that out if you’d like.

It’s Wednesday, so time for WiPPet Wednesday. Still polishing Chasing the Ghost, so I’ll be sharing more from that. I have 16 paragraphs for today. This is shortly after last week’s. New character who knows a little more about Jason’s history. And ‘the detective’ is Garren, if that’s not clear.

“I don’t know what makes you think I’m a skip tracer, but-”
The other man’s lips did pull up into a smirk. “Because you wouldn’t have used that term, or jumped to that conclusion, if you weren’t one. It wasn’t too hard to figure out. I haven’t been a detective for the last nine years simply because of my good looks.”
He pitched forward slightly. The woman must have slapped his back. Mark had noticed rings on both their hands. That combined with his protectiveness slid another piece into place. “Your wife apparently agrees with that.”
“You still haven’t answered my question,” the detective said.
“What’s it to you? I’m just standing here enjoying some bourbon.”
The detective’s eyes flicked down to the glass, and his tongue moved out to wet his lips. The woman’s hand came around him to squeeze his wrist. He let out a shuddering breath and glanced away from the drink. And another piece.
“I’m not here for anyone, Detective.”
“Well, you’ve been looking at my baby sister quite a bit. I can tell you she’s not one you’d be looking for.”
“No, certainly not her.”
“Him then?”
That brought Mark’s head back up. The detective certainly was sharp. “Why would you say that?”
He lifted a shoulder. “He’s new in town. Don’t know much about him. Look, I’m a homicide detective. Don’t kill anyone, and we’ll be fine. He seems to have wormed his way into my family’s good graces in less than forty-eight hours. If you know something they should, tell me.”
Mark hesitated and shifted his gaze to the side. The woman stood alone in the middle of the dance floor. He quickly scanned the rest of the room, but he didn’t see him. Damn it. How had he lost him so easily?
He turned back to Garren. The cop’s eyes were still on him. “Just tell your sister to be careful,” he said. “He used to be married.”
“Where’s his wife now?” the detective asked as Mark set down his still half full glass and pushed away from the bar.
“You’re a homicide detective,” Mark said, stepping around the man. “I’m sure you can figure it out.”

Did Jason really have anything to do with his wife’s death? Where did he disappear to? What will Garren do with this information?

This week is going fairly well so far.

  • Love Who You Love – 5000 words – 3229/5000 words so far this week. Working on this about an hour first thing in the morning.
  • Chasing the Ghost – finish polishing – Almost finished with this. Shouldn’t have a problem getting through it this week.
  • Come Back Down – get to 7000 words – weekend project
  • Read: Word loss Diet – 70% – 55% through this
  • Read: Bloodlore (Krista Walsh), Sparks Fly (Mari Carr), Fey Touched(Erin Zarro), Unbreak Me(Lexi Ryan), Only Mine (Susan Mallery) – finished Bloodlore and loved it(even if I nearly cried while walking on treadmill during the last 10% of it). Read Sparks Fly which was a really quick one. 29% through Fey Touched.
  • Crochet: Twist’N Shout Hat About halfway finished with this. Ran out of the yarn I was using, so going to pick it up with a new color.
  • Loom: Hat – will pick this up when I finish the other hat.

Comments on: "Writing Wednesday: Wednesday Again" (8)

  1. More hats! Soon,you’ll even outdo Bartholomew Cubbins!

    I’m going to read Into the Sun before I go to sleep. I’ve been letting myself anticipate it all day!

  2. Okay, what’s a ‘skip tracer’? Is that something particular to this story, or something I should know that I don’t. 😉 In any event, mystery heaped upon mystery. And I love how you work in those little details that show us things about Garren without slapping us in the face with it.

    BTW, congrats on the antho. 😀

    • Basically, it’s a private investigator who specializes in finding people. Mark is a PI, but that’s not usually what he does.


  3. Congrats re the story. I’m looking forward to reading it. Re the snippet, lost of interesting setup here, though I did get a little confused about who was speaking in that 3rd paragraph as it begins with the detective and continues with Mark’s thoughts. But the characters by the end of the snippet are neatly fleshed out; I love that closing line.

  4. Oh, wow. This is some great tension here. That last part…omg. Yikes! I sure hope he didn’t have anything to do with his wife’s death.

    I can’t wait to read the stories you & Shan have in the anthology! My Christmas present is a brand new Kindle (I’ve been reading on my phone’s app…yuck), fully stocked with new books just to enjoy for fun over vacation. Yay!

  5. […] share one more snippet from Chasing the Ghost before I move on. This one takes place the day after last week’s. Garren did some looking into Jason’s past, even though his father was willing to trust […]

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