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It’s a new month, and with it, I’m switching from drafting to a focus on revising. Still planning on writing(or for right now, plotting) first thing in the morning. I’m setting aside about an hour in the morning for this. Right now I’m plotting the next book in my Kurztown series. And Reading through Chasing the Ghost, book 4 in my Gilbert, CO series.

For WiPPet Wednesday, I’m sharing a snippet from Chasing the Ghost. 20 paragraphs(12+2+1+5) of mostly dialogue. If you read last week’s snippet, you may recognize one of the characters here. If you’ve read Duty to Protect, you’ll know what happened to Connie two years ago. If not, some context: she has some scars as well as headaches and memory issues.

She noticed his gaze shift to the side before he refocused on her. And a grin crossed his face. “It seems the new stable boy has his eye on you.”
“What?” she asked, glancing over his shoulder.
“Connie, you know better than to actually look. Make him think you’re not interested.”
But, she’d caught a glimpse of who Leo was talking about. “The guy Dad just hired? Jensen?” That was his name, right?
“Jason,” he corrected softly. “So, you’ve already met him.”
“Kind of. He helped me up to the house yesterday when I got hit with a headache. And he came out to the barn while I was there. We talked for a few minutes. He seems nice.”
A smile played around his lips, and her own lips turned down into a frown. “It’s not like that, Leo. He wouldn’t be interested in me, anyway.”
“What makes you say that?”
“Look at him.”
“Oh, I have,” he said, that smile still floating on his face. “Do you think Bryan will be jealous?”
Connie laughed and slapped at his arm. “You’re bad, Leo.”
“And you’re a beautiful woman, Con. You know, if I went for that thing.”
She laughed again but didn’t slap him this time. “But, he’s normal. I’m sure he could find a woman who could actually remember his name. You know, someone who isn’t a freak.”
The smile fell away from his face at that. “I really wish you’d stop talking about my best friend like that. He’d be lucky to get with you. And considering he keeps glaring over here at us, I’m pretty sure he thinks so too.”
“You got to be joking. He isn’t-”
“No, don’t look, or he’ll know we’re talking about him. Come on, Con, you know more about flirting than that.”
She snorted. “I don’t want to flirt with him, Leo. I don’t flirt with the hands.”
“You used to flirt with me.”
She laughed again. “That’s when we were twelve, and I didn’t know you were gay. Plus, your father was the one working here then, not you.”
“All true,” he said with a grin. Then, he sobered again. “I know the last couple years have been rough, but Geoff’s gone, Connie, and you aren’t. There’s no reason not to move on. You deserve it. Even if it’s just to have some fun with a good looking cowboy.”

It’s been a pretty good week over here.

  • My Way to You: finish 1st draft – finished this on Monday. Ended up with a little over 36000 words.
  • Love Who You Love(Kurztown #3): brainstorm – finished this today. I’ll start back stories tomorrow.
  • Chasing the Ghost: Read through – halfway through this.
  • Come Back Down: add 1000 words – weekend project
  • Read: Word-Loss Diet – 20% – about 14% through this
  • Read: Love, Diamonds, and Spades(Violet Duke), Meet Me When the Sun Goes Down(Lisa Olsen), Almost Perfect(Susan Mallery), Concealed in Death(J.D. Robb), & Beautiful Little Fool(K.K. Hendin) – Finished Love, Diamonds, and Spades on Sunday then read Night Reigns(Dianne Duval) – which was one of my Unlimited books – on Monday. Finished Meet Me When the Sun Goes Down last night. Will be starting Almost Perfect once I finish everything else today.
  • Knit: Cuddly Chevron Blanket – finish – made some progress on this on Monday. Didn’t get to it yesterday though.

Comments on: "Writing Wednesday: New Month, New Focus" (12)

  1. I didn’t read last week, but I am glad to see Leo again. Nice snippet, and excellent progress, too!

  2. Great progress as usual, Fallon. You are a machine! *g*

    I really like the snippet — great interaction between these two friends. I’ve had gay friends a little bit like that before. 🙂

  3. Fine progress. I like that monthly focus on editing rather than drafting, as then you can see progress on several projects (I still haven’t mastered how to keep more than one project active at the same time). Re Connie and Jason? I’d read more. Good friendships w/backstory neatly integrated. Have a great week.

    • I’m still trying to find the best way to handle all my ideas and drafts. I’m hoping this works for me. I have 6 months set aside for focused drafting and the other 6 for revising with some writing (and plotting) on the side.
      Thanks. Leo surprised me a bit when he first popped up, but really like him and the friendship he has with Connie. And the one he stays with Jason.

  4. Can I just say that gay men have no clue how women should act when a man is showing interest? LOL! The whole “hard to get” thing is not usually the best way. Hahaha! Very cute snippet, and I like the interaction between them.

    • Haha. And he certainly didn’t play hard to get with Bryan (but that’s another story…literally. I just finished the first draft on Monday).
      I’m so glad you liked it.

  5. Ooh, I’m all intrigued now, both about what happened to Connie and what happens next between her and Jason…

  6. That was a nice interaction. I’m completely out of the loop, but I would like to read more with them. They seem like people whose company I would enjoy. Also: Mmmm cowboys…

  7. […] I have another 13 paragraphs(12+9-2-0-1-5) from Chasing the Ghost. This is later the same day of last week’s snippet. This is the first time Garren(Connie’s brother) has met Jason since he started […]

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