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I’m getting to this a little late today. I was reorganizing my writing scheduled…again. Yeah, yeah, I know. I’m going to be spending 6 months(March, April, June, July, October, & November) focused on writing new words. Was just going to do the WriMo months(April, June, July, & November), but decided to split my time evenly between the two stages. When I’m editing, I’ll still be writing some new words. I just can’t seem to function well when I don’t get those words out first thing in the morning. So, I’ll plan on writing 1000 words then switch over to revisions during those months. I’ve got that all figured out now, though.

Today I have 22 sentences from Some Fools Never Learn. Some context: Kaemon is a distant cousin of Emilia’s, also his little sister is engaged to Tate’s youngest brother. He just found out Tate is interested in Emilia and decided to act like a big brother and made assumptions about why at 40 Tate isn’t married with kids(basically that he’s not a “kid person”).

“I did,” he said, his voice strained. “Married my high school sweetheart. She got pregnant a couple years into our marriage. Lost the baby.” He stared at the wall beyond Kaemon’s head as he told him this. “Then, she started cheating on me. We divorced about six years after our wedding. Almost to the day.” It had been almost a perfect mirror image. “It’s been about fifteen years.” And she still had a stranglehold on him. He needed to loosen it and finally get free.
“Sorry to hear that. You ever think of starting with someone else? Or do you still love her?”
Still love Rebekah? He didn’t think even he was stupid enough for that. “No, I don’t still love her. But,” he added, remembering Nolan’s words again, “she’s like a drug I can’t seem to get out of my system.”
“You may want to detox before you get involved with Emilia. She’s one to take relationships seriously.”
“So do I.”

So, words are going well this week. I’ve been getting all my writing & revising done before moving on to other things on the list for the day. Which is why this is so late today. Also why there haven’t really been any extra blog posts this month. That will probably continue.

  • Some Fools Never Learn – add 15000 words – 9454/15000
  • Chasing the Ghost – finish 1st revisions – through Chapter 23/27
  • Come Back Down(Into the Sun sequel) – add 1000 words – weekend project
  • Read: Gotta Read It – 50% – 35% so far
  • Read: Soul Enslaved (Keri Lake), Luck on the Line(Zoraida Cordova), Whatever Life Throws at You(Julie Cross), Captive Films episodes 1-3(Jillian Dodd), and Getting Rowdy (Lori Foster) – Really enjoyed Soul Enslaved & Luck on the Line. Halfway through Whatever Life Throws at You. Also finished listening to In Ride Trouble(Julie Ann Walker) and am a few hours into Alone(Kendra Elliot). Really like both of these series.
  • Knit: Cuddly Chevron Blanket -halfway through strip 21 – I’m almost finished with strip 19. It’s the last thing on each day’s list, so it’s one of the first that gets pushed aside.
  • Loom: Hat – got this started Sunday night. Haven’t made much progress yet, though.


Comments on: "Writing Wednesday: A Little Behind" (13)

  1. Aaah, yeah. A guy who’s still detoxing after 15 years? That’s a guy who takes things seriously. How sad. 😦 Poor guy.

    • Yeah, doesn’t help that the ex won’t just stay away. He’s finally coming to the point that keeping her away is the only way to move on.

  2. I want to hug Tate. And suggest that letting go might lead to wonderful kinds of hanging on.

  3. Good job on the goals and with restructuring your time. Keep it up!

  4. Aw, Tate. 😦 Sounds like she really did a number on him. Sounds like he takes things seriously enough that he doesn’t want to rush into things with someone else.

  5. I understand where he’s coming from — some people just get into your blood in a way that’s hard to understand.

    Sounds like you’ve got a great writing plan!

  6. I feel his pain 😥 Brought back old flames reading this. It is hard to walk away when you have invested so much, even when you know its for the better. Speaking from experience.

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