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Welcome to another installment of Weekend Writing Warriors. I’m still sharing from Into the Sun. This is from the next scene and answers whether Trace’s mom left with him or not.

   I pulled off my helmet and after hanging it off the handlebar, turned to Mom to help her. But, she already had hers off. There was a look in her eye that wasn’t quite panic, but I wasn’t exactly sure what it was.
“It’s been almost twenty years since I’ve done that,” she said. “I forgot how it felt.”
“Nineteen.” Icarus’ voice was soft, and I wasn’t sure if anyone but me heard it. But, she turned her head toward him. He turned away and fiddled with something on his bike.

So, what’s going to happen now? Will Trace’s mother realize how Icarus knows just how long it’s been? Just wait, and you might get the answers.

Usually I’d include my RoW80 update here, but I’m going to try splitting up my posts. So, I’ll have that up later for anyone interested in how my week(and month) has gone.

Comments on: "WeWriWa: “Almost Twenty Years”" (12)

  1. There is something very intimate when someone corrects a ‘memory’. Nicely done. Thank you for sharing.

  2. chellecordero said:

    I went back and read the previous 2 weeks, wondering who Icarus is and how he knows so much about her. Very curious indeed. Good snippet, raises questions and makes the reader want to keep reading.

    • It was a little farther back than that. Icarus is Trace’s father. He hasn’t taken his helmet off, so she hasn’t recognized him yet. That’s coming. ☺

  3. You’ve got me wondering how he knows exactly how many years it’s been.

  4. […] posted my WeWriWa snippet separately this week, but you can go check it out if you want. It’s been a pretty good week, and I seem to have found a good routine for […]

  5. Hmm, mysterious turn with the comment from Icarus! Great snippet…

  6. […] and will for at least a couple more weeks. Today I have 10 sentences following just shortly after last week’s. Birdie has just greeted Trace rather…enthusiastically, and his mom isn’t sure what to […]

  7. I love, love, love this!

    I came back this far to catch up, and I’m so glad I did!

    I tend to recognize people, even after decades, by the sounds of their voices. My memory attunes well to nuances and syntax – much better than it does to faces. I wouldn’t need to see his face to know an old lover’s voice, especially in such soft tones…

    I like what this reveals about the way Cassandra processes things, and the tension that’s never stated outright, but which hums like a pulled bowstring through the entire passage.

    • I’m glad you came back to catch up, too, and that you liked it.
      I’m more likely to recognize someone’s face, though I can’t always put a name to it. I do usually at least know where I know them from.

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