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Yesterday was Halloween and our town’s trick-or-treating night(my hometown always does it the Thursday before Halloween). We started at the fire station and walked around for close to an hour. Then, we stopped at one of the churches for hot dogs and hot chocolate before heading back up to the fire station. On the way there, a call went out for an outside fire. So, the boy got to see the firetrucks leave. By the time, we were in our truck, they’d already cancelled the call(so, probably someone burning a leaf pile or something). So, he got to see them come back too.

wpid-wp-1446374522323.jpg wpid-wp-1446374519017.jpg wpid-wp-1446374513906.jpg

Before trick-or-treating, we’d gone up to Erie. I took 15 paperbacks I had stacked up on a shelf to the used bookstore. This was my first time taking any in, though I have bought some from there. We walked out with another 8 books(only 4 of those were for me) and only spent about $10. And I wonder why my TBR piles doesn’t seem to shrink. 😉

I posted my WeWriWa snippet separately this week, but you can go check it out if you want. It’s been a pretty good week, and I seem to have found a good routine for balancing writing/editing and everything else on my to-do list.

  • By the Gun – get to 3000 words – 4236/3000. A lot of these were old words moved over from my last attempt.
  • Some Fools Never Learn – reach 16000 words – 16687/16000. These rolled out pretty easily.
  • Let It Begin – finish 1st draft – done, done, DONE! At 33226 words. Over a total of 10 writing days.
  • My Way to You – reach 6000 words – 7144/6000. These were rolling good, too, and a bit emotional. I got through the beginning ‘present’ chapters and have moved into the ‘past’ chapters where Bryan & Leo first meet.
  • Guarding the Heart – reach 70000 words – 70262/70000. I’ll be working on this first in November, but realized there was a really big plot hole in the upcoming scenes. Spent some time this morning, re-outlining the final chapters to try to fix that.
  • Chasing the Ghost – revision note cards – this is done.
  • Just Add Moonlight – Finish revisions & submit – done, Done, DONE! Submitted yesterday morning, just under the wire. Now, I wait to hear if any of my submissions will be accepted.
  • Read: 2k-5k – finished this on Friday
  • Read: Into the Devil’s Underground, Cutting Edge(Allison Brennan), Foolproof(Jennifer Blackwood), The Heiress Effect(Courtney Milan), & Bringing Home the Bad Boy(Jessica Lemmon) – finished my Loving on The Edge series(Roni Loren) re-read Wednesday night & read the new novella on Thursday. Then, I started back on the list of books I’d planned to read this month. Read Into the Devil’s Underground(I’d read an older version of the book before she changed the title and revamped it. I did like the changes). Realized Cutting Edge is the third book in a series, so I set it aside until I read the other 2. Then, I read Foolproof yesterday. Really enjoyed it. Moving the other 2 to November’s list, though I have read through a little more than half of The Heiress Effect.
  • Knit: Cuddly Chevron Blanket – didn’t work on this at all this week. I did just finish this afternoon my first project on a rectangle loom, though. wpid-wp-1446417294956.jpg

I do love seeing all that blue. Now, since it’s the beginning of a new month, I’ll check back on last month’s goals and see how I did.


  • Bryan & Leo: Finish Outline – finished this


  • Guarding the Heart: 12000 words – 12927/12000
  • Some Fools Never Learn: 12000 words – 12677/12000
  • Bryan & Leo: 9000 words – 7144/9000
  • Let It Begin: 15000 words(should get me at least close to 1st draft) – 15526/15000 & finished 1st draft
  • Also worked on: By the Gun – 4212 words, 3329 words in plotting, and 746 words on short story.

Total new words for the month: 56,561


  • Stained Blood: Finish revisions & Polish – finished this and ready to send to CP
  • Chasing the Ghost: Revise & Polish – just got revision notes done
  • Flames of Retribution: Start Revisions – didn’t get to this at all
  • Work on anything I get back from CP/beta readers – still waiting on stuff


  • Read/listen: 21 books – 19/21 – doesn’t count the ones I reread. If I did, I’ve read 30 books this month.
  • Read: 2K-10K(Rachel Aaron) – finished this & applying some of the methods to my writing


  • Knit: Cuddly Chevron Blanket – still haven’t finished this
  • Crochet: Twist ‘N Shout Slouchy Hat – didn’t even get to this

My goals for next month:


  • Love Who You Love(Kurztown #3)


  • Guarding the Heart – 1st draft
  • Some Fools Never Learn – Reach 32000 words
  • My Way to You – Reach 21000 words
  • By the Gun – Reach 7000 words


  • Chasing the Ghost: Revise & Polish
  • Flames of Retribution: Organize for revisions
  • Anything I receive back from CP/Betas


  • Read/Listen: 22 books
  • Read: Gotta Read It(Libbie Hawker)


  • Knit: Cuddly Chevron Blanket
  • Crochet: Twist N’ Shout Slouchy Hat
  • Loom: Scarf

And for this week:

  • Guarding the Heart – finish 1st draft
  • Chasing the Ghost – 1st revisions
  • Read: Gotta Read It – 25%
  • Read: The Heiress Effect(Courtney Milan), Bringing Home the Bad Boy(Jessica Lemmon), Hot On Her Heels(Susan Mallery), Forever Grace(Linda Poitevin), & Lucky In Love(Jill Shalvis)
  • Knit: Cuddly Chevron Blanket – Get through Strip 19
  • Loom: Hat

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  1. Doesn’t get better than seeing the fire trucks coming and going!

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