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Yesterday in church, it was announced that they were collecting knit and crochet hats. Someone said they were giving them to the school for kids who need hats. The paper in the bulletin, however, said they’re collecting them to send to a city mission with Thanksgiving boxes. Either way, I knew I had a bunch of hats I’ve made over the last few years. So after we were home, I started going through all my projects. I was right. There are a lot.

In total, I found 62 hats. wpid-wp-1445874042899.jpg

I sorted through them in a couple different ways,  because apparently I’m a dork. First,  I seperated the Knit from crochet hats. There were 37 knit hats. And 25 crochet hats.

3 of the knit hats and 9 of the crochet hats were characters or animals. wpid-wp-1445874046995.jpgwpid-wp-1445874050857.jpg16 of the knitted ones and 14 crocheted were winter hatswpid-wp-1445874055089.jpgwpid-wp-1445874067953.jpg. 23 Knit and 11 crochet were baby hats. wpid-wp-1445874058445.jpgwpid-wp-1445874064119.jpgSome of these were really small,  so I left them out of what I’ll send in. In the end, I had 43 hats to donate.

Comments on: "Monday Mumblings: Donating Hats" (3)

  1. Yikes! The animal ones are perfect for kids!

  2. That is seriously a lot of hats! I have two great winter coats to donate this year – including a nearly new London Fog coat, size men’s 2X, that is way too short in the sleeves for my 14 year old to get another year out of. I’m a little sobered by what this implies for the boy’s future growth….but that’s another story.

    I’m smiling and warmed from the inside out thinking of all the snug heads that will be covered by your generosity and creativity. =)

    • I hadn’t realized there were quite that many. Hats are one Of the easier and faster projects to make.
      Donating them will do a lot more good than having them sit in a basket as they have been.

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