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When I first started the Flames series with Flames of Redemption,  I created the city of Crystal Glen and its paid fire department. What I’ve always known, though, are volunteer departments.  And earlier this year,  I decided I wanted to write something that focused on them. I want sure exactly how I was going to work this in.  Then,  Nolan (I was working on his story about that time) stayed talking to me about his brothers.  And sister (sorry,  Jess,  didn’t mean to leave you out). It turns out his father, two of his brothers,  and his sister are all firefighters with the town’s volunteer department. His other brother is involved with the department as well, though not as a firefighter.

The volunteer department does show up a few times in Flames of Restoration. I may work them into some of the earlier stories as well. And I’ll be fleshing the department out some more as well. So far,  I think,  besides the Hunter Family,  we only know about the chief. Well, there is one other, too,  but can’t say much about him without spoilers to the first book in this series.

Fred Mertz used to be with Crystal Glen’s paid department. Then he started having some health issues.  It was bad enough that he couldn’t handle the long shifts and other stresses of being a full time firefighter. Instead,  he joined the volunteer department and after a couple years was voted in as fire chief. His daughter is a paramedic with the paid fire department(and her story will be coming at some point, too).

The volunteer department will have quite a variety of people making it up, although I don’t know how many of them will actually make it on the page.

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  1. I love the way writing one thing can lead to so many others! I’m not sure, but I think Fred Mertz was also the name of one of Lucille Ball’s TV neighbors – as in Fred and Ethel Mertz. I don’t know if that would be an issue for you, but wanted to point it out, because now I have a picture of him in my mind that my be nothing like his reality!

    • I had no idea about the name. I may think about changing it.Though I don’t know if I’ve used his first name much so far. Mostly he’s referred to as chief or just by his last name.

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