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We’re only a couple days into the new ROW80 round, so I won’t claim to be doing well or poorly. Monday actually started out well.  Today I barely managed to write 1k (my goal is 3k a day). I’ve really been struggling with this story and I’m not quite sure why. I’m going to keep with it, at least for a little while longer. I may end up setting it aside though.

Since it’s Wednesday,  that means is time for a snippet from. ..one of my WiPPet for Wippet Wednesday. I’m drafting By the Gun today, even though it is slow going. So, I suppose I should share something from it. Instead I think I’ll share from the one I’m revising, Stained Blood. This is the third(and probably final) in my western series. I’d thought there might be a fourth book, but that character isn’t talking to me, so it might not happen. For today, I have the first 7 paragraphs from Chapter 1. One of the few bits I can share that doesn’t really have any spoilers for the first 2 books.

Deryn Glas looked out the window of the stagecoach as it rattled toward the town. She already knew who else occupied the coach with her. An older man who had sniffed when she’d been helped inside. Beside him sat a woman, probably only a few years older than her, with a little boy who didn’t seem to want to sit still. The woman wouldn’t meet Deryn’s eyes, either, but that was probably just as well.
If they didn’t look at her, they were less likely to remember her later.
Next to her sat another woman, who looked to be just a little younger than herself. The woman had smiled briefly at her. The man with her, who held onto the little girl who seemed to only be a little more than a year old, had seemed friendly, too, but had remained quiet, only whispering to the woman at his side.
She could already see the buildings growing in the distance and could feel her hands sweating inside her gloves. She tried to ignore the rolling in her stomach. Just nerves, she told herself. She knew better, but she kept repeating it until she’d almost convinced herself.
No one here would recognize her. No one would know who she really was or try to make her go back. She would be safe. For at least a little while, she would be safe.
The driver shouted up from the box, and the horses started to slow. Deryn gripped her hands tighter, wishing she knew what she could expect while she was here. She’d been hoping to get to California, but it turned out the little money she’d saved wouldn’t take her that far. Instead, it looked like Lander, Wyoming Territory was going to be the end of her road. At least until she could save up some more money.
She hoped it would be far enough.

Looking at my calendar,  next week I should be sharing from Guarding the Heart again.

Monday when the boy got home from school,  he wanted to put together his Lego helicopter. So we started working on that. Then we couldn’t find the next piece we needed.  I’d seen him playing with it earlier and now it was gone. Finally found it later that evening. So Tuesday we worked on it again from when he got home until lunchtime. And again today, though we couldn’t find one piece. And that was after he lost the whole helicopter this morning. Found it on their bathroom counter finally.  Not sure why he had it in there in the first place.

  • Write 12k words – 7103 words. Monday was the best writing day.  Yesterday want bad,  but today it felt like I was fighting for every word.
  • Outline Bryan & Leo – planning to work on this tomorrow
  • Into the Sun – Submit – haven’t touched this yet
  • Just Add Moonlight – Read Through & Revision Notes – or this
  • Read: 2k-10k – 35% – about 20% through this
  • Read: Bare It All (Lori Foster), Instant Gratification (Jill Shalvis), Inflame (Tessa Teevan), Just a Little Crush (Renita Pizzitola), Someday Girl (Melanie Shawn) – enjoyed Bare It All and Instant Gratification.  Just started Inflame last night.
  • Knit: Cuddly Chevron Blanket – Strip 18 – Still making progress on this although it’s slow

Hoping things pick back up for the second half of this week.


Comments on: "Writing Wednesday: Just Starting" (16)

  1. Hi Fallon, You just made me realize I really need to add a reading goal to my weekly goals.

    Don’t be too hard on yourself regarding today’s writing goal, I think all of us have down days, tomorrow may be better.

    May your muse light your words on fire and have them falling onto the page swiftly!

    • I think I may end up scrapping what I’ve written and re-plot the story. There’s usually something wrong when I have to fight for all the words.

  2. Yeah, I’m spinning my wheels on a story, too. But I’m so close to the end–only a few thousand more words–that I don’t want to set it aside.

    Good excerpt. Really great tension, and you did a great job setting the scene. I wonder what she’s running from and what will happen when it inevitably catches up with her.

  3. You really built the anxiousness of the woman with the way you wrote that. Left me feeling very fidgety and anxious (not that I need much prompting to get that way).
    d-(^_^)-b <- That's me giving you 2 thumbs up!

    I'm sorry the words are fighting you. I think you'll do right by your writing, so I won't offer any advice. Just know, you are awesome and a hard worker. Hope the week gets better for you,

  4. “Just nerves, she told herself. She knew better, but she kept repeating it until she’d almost convinced herself.”

    Excellent line. And I love that little bit at the end. We already know she’s running from something, which makes the line about the nerves all the better. 🙂

  5. Just getting back into things myself and after all it is only a few days into the Round. Chin up, Love. You got this!!!

    Nice little introductory snippet too.

  6. It’s been a bit of a rough start, here too. Reminders of why I choose to keep my distance in certain instances…but writing was there in my mind, and I did what I could, and it’s helped me to center myself in something that isn’t anger, and is getting closer to peace.

    May you find your way through the roughness of the story, or to a place where you know stopping is best.

    And, because I keep forgetting to tell you, Stained Snow is on my short list for this week. If things stay reasonably calm here, I may be able to finish it.

    • Hope things smooth out for you.
      I think I’m going to end up starting the story over. Something’s wrong with it or the way I’m approaching it.
      Glad to hear it. ☺

      • I’ve been known to start over, too. Sometimes, what seemed like a good idea doesn’t translate into reality…or doesn’t work for the characters, once I get started.

        Matter of fact, I did that with one of my #STaD September stories – it was a Hoshi and T’Pol scene, and I thought it would work – but three paragraphs in, I was stuck, and so were they…

        So I deleted it, and did something completely different, and that worked, so all’s well. Maybe I’ll get back to that scene and figure out what was wrong about it, or maybe it will never happen anywhere but in my head…and both are OK.

        I’m clearing out some of my smaller administrative and creative tasks today, and doing some hometending intensity, because the kids are sleeping in the daytime hours, and I’ve got plans to read Stained Snow over the next few days. I’m really embarrassed that it’s taken me this long to get to it….

  7. A western? Wow, I like how eclectic your writing genres are. I’ve always liked your writing style, and this little snippet shows you can excel in any genre you choose to write. 🙂

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