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Monday Mumblings

Last week I stayed mostly at home.  It was a pretty rainy week and staying to get chilly.  On Friday,  once the boy got home, we went down to Meadville with husband’s grandma*. Did a little shopping, found the staff to go along with the boy’s Donatello costume. Went to McDonald’s for lunch and the boy played on the playground. There was another boy playing there,  and he didn’t have a problem just going off and start playing with him. The total opposite of his sister. She tends to stand back until she’s comfortable, if she ever is.

Saturday was my husband’s birthday. Friday I had made a cheesecake for him. The mix has been in the cupboard a while and I always plan to make it for a special occasion. I always forget. And we went out for lunch Saturday after he had to go into work for a few hours. That’s pretty much the extent of the celebrations. Probably not any more or less than we’ll do for my birthday in another month.

The girl and I went into the used book store while my husband and the boy went into the tool store a couple does down. She got 5 books and 1 for her brother. And I found another 3 for me. I now have 12 stacked on top of my desk to read. We also went into a craft store and I got a knitting loom. I’ve been meaning to learn loom knitting for a while. The girl got a weaving loom.**

*easiest way to explain it anyway.  She’s his stepmom’s stepmom.  But the kids call her Grandma Call,  so it works.

**with the plastic frame and cloth loops that you can make potholders with and not much else.


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