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September Wrap-Up

I meant to include this in yesterday’s post, but I forgot. So, I’m writing it up today instead.

September was…an interesting month. Once again, I had trouble settling into one way of doing something. So, I’m not sure how what I got done will actually match up with what I had planned. I did write almost 45k during the month. Not as much as my usual, but still decent progress.


  • Scars and All – have it polished up by the end of the month
  • Stained Blood – depending on time: start revisions
  • Into the Sun – revisions


  • Listen/read: 16 books(even though I’ve already met my 3rd quarter goal of 49 books) – 24/16 books. 9 of these were audiobooks
  • Read 1 craft book – finished Take Off Your Pants


  • Knit: Cuddly Chevron Blanket – didn’t make it quite halfway through this
  • Crochet: Twist’N Shout Slouchy Hat – didn’t get to this

Like I said, I did change my goals part way through the month. Actually I changed them a couple times. I wrote over 17k on Let It Begin, another 12k on Guarding the Heart, 3552 on Guarding the Heart, 4010 on Some Fools Never Learn,  and 3196 in plotting.

For October, I’m going to continue as I have been the last couple weeks, working on a different project each day. We’ll see how this goes.


  • Bryan & Leo: Finish Outline


  • Guarding the Heart: 12000 words
  • Some Fools Never Learn: 12000 words
  • Bryan & Leo: 9000 words
  • Let It Begin: 15000 words(should get me at least close to 1st draft)


  • Stained Blood: Finish revisions & Polish
  • Chasing the Ghost: Revise & Polish
  • Flames of Retribution: Start Revisions
  • Work on anything I get back from CP/beta readers


  • Read/listen: 21 books
  • Read: 2K-10K(Rachel Aaron)


  • Knit: Cuddly Chevron Blanket
  • Crochet: Twist ‘N Shout Slouchy Hat



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