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RoW80 is on break this week. Of course, this means little for me. I’m still working through things much the way I did during the round. Working on a different project each day. Today I finished back stories for a novella in my Gilbert, CO series. So, instead of sharing something from today’s project for WiPPet Wednesday, I’m sharing part of what I wrote yesterday for the beginning of Some Fools Never Learn(Hunter Family #2). 7 paragraphs(9+3+0-1+5= 16=1+6) from Chapter 1. This is the first we see of Emilia, though Tate hasn’t met her yet. 🙂

That had him laughing again. “Maybe you should leave the baseball metaphors alone, Emi. It doesn’t fit the facade you like to show everyone else.”
“Hey, I know baseball. Well, I know they wear tight pants, hit a ball, and run around those little white things.”
She could imagine him bent over with laughter as the sound boomed through the phone. “And, of course, the tight pants are the most important aspect.”
“Well, I didn’t hear you disagreeing with me, Oliver.”
He let out another snort of laughter. “No, I can’t disagree with that. As far as I’m concerned, it’s the only reason to watch baseball.”
She smiled as she put her makeup away in the small cabinet beside her bathroom mirror. “Speaking of Dad,” she said.
“I didn’t think we were,” Oliver broke in, all the laughter dropping out of his voice.

She actually had mentioned their dad a little earlier, but Oliver thought that had passed.

I had thought about sharing part from Stained Blood, which I’m editing currently, but it’s full of spoilers for Stained by Ashes, so I’m holding off on that.

  • Write 12k words across writing projects (would be more but 1 is still in plotting stage) – counting all today’s plotting(typed up all the back stories even though some of those words had been written before) I’m at over 10k so far. I wrote 3147 on Guarding the Heart, 4010 on Some Fools Never Learn(some of those were old words as well- rewritten from one of May’s Story a Day pieces), and 3196 on back stories today. I’ll be working on By the Gun tomorrow and Let It Begin on Friday
  • Stained Blood – 1st round revisions.  If time: read through Through 6/15 chapters. Haven’t gotten to today’s chapters yet, but I should be able to stay on track.
  • Into the Sun: Finish proofreading & submit – I did finish the proofreading last Sunday. May do another quick read through before I submit it
  • Read: Take Off Your Pants – finish – I did finish this.
  • Read: Bone Gap, Between (Megan Whitmer), Dust of the Dead Sea (Angela Kulig) – I really enjoyed Bone Gap and Between. Didn’t finish Dust of the Dead Sea. I read the first book in the series a few years ago, but I couldn’t get interested in this one. I started reading Six of Crows(Leigh Bardugo) last night. Only 16% into it, but I’m loving it. Trying to get everything done, so I can get back to reading it.
  • ROW80 sponsor post – I have it outlined. Hoping to get it drafted today, though.
  • Knit: Cuddly Chevron Blanket – making more progress on this, too.

Comments on: "Writing Wednesday: Bounce Through the Break" (9)

  1. Great banter in this snippet, Fallon. I really liked it. 🙂

  2. This snippet raises all manner of intrigue….more, please!

    I love that you’re staying busy. I’m also interested in how focusing on a different project each day unfolds.

    I finished my last Story a Day piece, “All These Thorns” an hour or two ago; I don’t think it needs much in the way of revision, although it’s a lot more bittersweet than I might have expected, when the prompt was someone buying a dozen roses for their lover…

    Anyway…I have a freewriting I think is a rough draft of my sponsor post (reading it over later to see if that’s actually true), and I’m going to settle in to watch Serenity later – need to rent it, so I want to pick my time wisely, because I think I might want to see it twice or maybe thrice…I LOVED Firefly, and join the legions of folks who are sorry it came and went so swiftly.

    I’m also hoping to get further on my A-Z exploratory writings before midnight, so I can add that to my accomplished September goals, and since Trip and T’Pol inform me that the end of September in no way means that they’re done with me, or each other….

    Tomorrow, I begin OctPoWriMo, and go back to almost finish Season 4 of Enterprise (skipping the last episode for some time because I’m doing the Chronology project, and it’s set in the 24th century…I’m glad, because that episode….well, I think you’ll know what I mean when you get there….). I;ll also be setting up some posts in an attempt to have things set, blogging-wise, before NaNo begins, for the first time ever….

    See you on Sunday!

    • There’ll be more…sometime. *looks at schedule* Um, yeah, sometime. 😉
      So far, it’s going all right. Struggling with one of the projects, but I think that’s more an issue with the project itself than the schedule.

      • I’ve had the same feeling, at times. Sometimes I keep going till I find my way again, and others I stop for a while…. I hope it comes clearer soon.

  3. haha, I think she knows about as much as baseball as I do! Good luck with the goals!

  4. Ooooo… All laughter and amusement until Dad is mentioned. He’s like a great big dun dun dun at the end of the episode. Ouch.

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