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Teaser Tuesday: Bad News

Another snippet from Stained Snow this week. Still waiting to get this back from my beta reader. But, I’m still hoping to get it out by the end of the year.

Commander Harkins looked up from his meal to see the officer running across the mess tent toward him, a slip of paper in his hands. “What is it, Sergeant?”
“This telegraph came in from Lander.” His gaze skipped around the room before coming back to the commander. “Is Mr. Jensen still here?”
The commander shook his head. “No, he left about thirty minutes ago,” he said after pulling out his pocket watch to check the time. “What is it?”
“Bad news for him,” he said handing over the paper.
The commander scanned over it, his face paling. “Damn.” This wasn’t something a man should go riding blind into. He’d been so eager to leave and now there wasn’t much for him to return to.
“Send a couple men out. See if they can catch up with him. The way he’s probably riding, it’s unlikely. Have them turn back if they don’t find him by midday though. He should know, but it’s not up to us to track him all that way.”
“Yes, sir.” The man snapped a salute then turned away.
Commander Harkins picked up his fork again, but he suddenly had no appetite left for his eggs. He stood up and left the mess behind. “Poor bastard,” he muttered, looking off in the direction William had ridden.
He should have let him go the night before.


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