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Monday Mumblings

New series on the blog here.  I may still share some blog posts on Mondays,  but it’s mostly going to be random thoughts or what’s going on outside of my writing.

Yesterday before we left for yet another birthday party, the kids were outside playing. And the boy decided to climb a tree.  Last time he tried this, he actually got stuck in it. But,  he is certainly a little monkey. He’s been a climber since before he could even walk. So this doesn’t surprise me much.

While his sister was at the birthday party(was for one of her school friends), we went for lunch at Arby’s,  then walked over to Toys R Us (or Toys for us, as he calls it). We really just had to walk around the building and across the parking lot. And we walked around there for about an hour and he still ended up getting one of the first things he saw.  Then we walked across another parking lot to the mall.  Got both of them new pairs of jeans then went to the small bookstore there and I got 2 more books(after getting 5 at a library book sale on Saturday).  One of those is actually the third in a series that I’ve only read #1, but I do have #2 on my Kindle. The boy ended up talking to the cashiers while I was still looking at books, and they gave him some free stuff. Did some more walking around,  saw the dogs and some cats at the pet store (will never get our animals from there,  but we look anyway). Checked out the stuffed animals at Build a Bar,  then went and got some ice cream. Then of course grocery shopping. And we got the kids’ Halloween costumes.  This year were going to have a ninja turtle & a rainbow sprite(last year was Elsa and Olaf from Frozen).

It’s been a rather social weekend (was town’s homecoming,  so football game, parade,  and homecoming fest then Sunday). Looking forward to staying home this week and recovering from being around all the people.


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