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Monday Mentions: Waiting

This week’s posts share an author & a theme.

First, Ava Jae wrote about Not Waiting for Inspiration. I agree so much with this. There are times when I’m just not feeling the writing. And sometimes, I do give in to that. Sometimes, walking away and letting things simmer is just what is needed. But, a lot of times, sitting at the computer, sticking in my headphones, and just writing is what’s needed. That might mean yanking out every word until I finally get past whatever is blocking me. Sometimes it means using ForceDraft so I don’t keep getting distracted by other things. But, it almost always results in me making progress, even if it is slow. And that’s the important thing.

And the second post is on Waiting. Not for inspiration or to get started, but the waiting you have to do in the process of writing and publishing. Even as a self-published writer, there’s waiting. I finish a first draft and wait before I start revising. I send the revised draft to my CP and wait for feedback. After making changes, I send to beta readers and wait for more feedback. I wait for cover art and final edits. Then, finally, I’m waiting for release date(if I’ve set it up for pre-orders, which I usually do). A lot of time can pass from the beginning of that to the end. I’d go nuts if I didn’t have something else to do during those times of waiting. So, I’m always working on something else. Sometimes more than one project at a time.


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