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Another Sunday, another installment of Weekend Writing Warriors. Still sharing from Into the Sun, which I’m hoping to have all polished up this weekend. 8 sentences from a later scene from last week’s.

   I turned away even if it wasn’t what I really wanted to. I could hear Barbie behind me. “Careful with that boy, Birdie. He’s got a lot of hurt places inside him.”
I cringed, and I could almost feel each of those places. Then, Birdie said, “He’s not as wounded as you want to treat him. He’s tough to have made it here. I think he’ll survive me, too.”

This shouldn’t surprise anyone who had been following me for any length of time,  but I’ve changed what I’m working on again.  Yeah,  yeah,  I know.  I don’t know why but Wednesday the urge struck me to read over Burning Bright. This is the first in a spin off from my Flames series. And I miss these characters so much.  So I looked at my calendars.  I wouldn’t be getting back to drafting them until next November.  That’s just too long to wait.  I have 4 series (I’m including Flames & its series as one series) &  my list of standalones. So I went through and randomly picked one thing to work on each day.  So I could work on up to 5 different things in a week(this week I’m working on 2)  Hopefully this will appease my need to work on all the things. I’ll be writing in the morning (first half of every hour) and editing in the afternoon (second half of each hour). Those half hours I’m not writing or editing,  I’ll be working on the other stiff on my to-do list.  Doing it this way has me finished editing everything that’s currently drafted by the end of January 2016. As I finish drafting,  I’ll add to that. But,  I think this might work for me. I have more trouble focusing on drafting in the afternoon anyway.

  • Let It Begin – 25k (that’s 5k a day.  I should be able to get this, but we’ll see) – I managed about 17700 words this week.  A little past the midpoint (so may be a little longer than originally planned) according to new schedule I’ll get back to this early October.
  • Leo & Bryan – finish back stories – I did write about a page of Bryan’s back story.  I’ll be getting back to this in a week.
  • Into the Sun – finish proofreading & submit – I got more proofreading done on this yesterday. May get more done today,  but most likely finishing it next week.
  • Read: Take Off Your Pants – 70% – got to this point. Don’t know if I’ll be using anything from this method or not.
  • Read: Hot Head(Damon Suede), The Falconer (Elizabeth May), Wings (Aprilynne Pike), & Heartless (L.S. Engler) – reading had been slow this week for some reason.  Have gotten through a few audiobooks though.
  • Knit: Cuddly Chevron Blanket – made some progress on this

Goals for next week:

  • Guarding the Heart(BC Security #1) – add 9000 words
  • By the Gun (western standalone) – 6000 words
  • Stained Blood (Stained #3) – revision note cards. If time: 1st revisions
  • Into the Sun – finish proofreading & submit
  • Read: Take Off Your Pants
  • Read: Wings (Aprilynne Pike), Heartless (L.S Engler ), On the Fence(Kasie West), & Openly Straight (Bill Konigsberg)
  • Knit: Cuddly Chevron Blanket – hoping to be at least halfway finished with this

Comments on: "Sunday Summary: WeWriWa – “Not as Wounded”" (12)

  1. I think he’ll survive her, too.

  2. Let me just say, I don’t know what the book is about but I love the title – Take Off Your Pants.

  3. Very intriguing snippet. Why does he needs to survive Barbie?

  4. Intriguing snippet!

    I recently started rotating between two WIPs (actually, three, but that didn’t go too well because of camping trips and such) and it seems to be working pretty well. My reasoning is that I am a slow writer, and an even slower reviser, and it literally takes me years to finish something. I figured if I could at least get some things drafted quicker, I’d be a bit ahead of the game. But yeah, other WIPs call to me as well, mostly new things! So next year we’ll see what happens.

    Congrats on all your progress!

    • Thanks
      Yeah, I’m a pretty fast writer. The problem is I have all these ideas and characters in my head, all clamoring for attention. I’m hoping this will get them to settle down a little. 🙂

  5. Loving your snippets, Fallon. 🙂

    It’s nice when all the stories decide to descend upon you. Glad the muse is being generous this week.

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