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Fitness Friday: Steady

Not a lot of progress to report on the fitness front today.  I’m almost exactly where I was a month ago,  weight-wise. Which is a bit frustrating,  but better than gaining.

I have started working out again.  I had mostly been walking the last month. I have a ~2 mile loop I go on. This week I changed things up a bit.  I’ll be walking on Monday, Wednesday, Friday. Outside as long as the weather cooperates,  on the treadmill if it doesn’t.  Tuesdays and Thursdays,  I’ll be doing a workout dvd. It’s broken up into 12 5 minute blocks,  so I’ll do as many as I can.  So far, that’s been at least 2(Tuesday). Did 4 on Thursday.

Also trying to get my water consumption back up again.  I have 3 water bottles I try to keep filled. Trying to finish all 3 before the end of the night. Have been doing okay with that the lady couple days.

Also, picking back up with tracking my meals on my fitness pal.  Not always easy to find things or know exactly how much I had,  but it’s at least helping keep me on track.  So,  I hope I’ll see better results in the next month.


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  1. Thanks for making me feel not so alone. 🙂 I gained a little over summer (mostly due to tail end of summer choices) and I’m now back at my pre-summer weight. I’m also picking up the exercise and changing it up. My dogs love going for their walk, especially now that it is one at a time (two miles for me, one mile for each of them since they are both in double digits). Still, I’m not where I want to be. Though, I’m not giving up yet!

    Keep at it! You’re doing great!

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