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We had the boy’s birthday party on Sunday. It went well although none of his friends showed up. I was afraid of that with it being labor day weekend. May have to plan it for the weekend before or after from now on.wpid-wp-1441810733979.jpgwpid-wp-1441810754665.jpgwpid-wp-1441810773064.jpgwpid-wp-1441810788007.jpg(do you notice a trend in these pictures)

Monday,  my husband dropped the kids off with his mom then came back,  and we got on the motorcycle and took off. We haven’t been on a ride in a month. It felt so good to get out again. I didn’t get a lot of work (or chores) done,  but mostly caught up on Tuesday.

The boy and his mermaid sister at the beach Tuesday.

The boy and his mermaid sister at the beach Tuesday.

And on Monday,  I was on twitter and Krista Walsh mentioned alternating weeks working on projects.  I decided to try this out,  switching between drafting and editing projects.  This week, I had already started my read through of Scars and All,  so I decided to stick with it. Then I changed my calendars to go with this new routine.  So,  next week I’ll start writing on a new project. The next book(novella actually) in my Kurztown series. I’ll probably be adjusting it as I finish projects since I guessed on how long it will take me to finish things.

For today’s WiPPeT, I’m back to Scars and All. I’ve got 10 sentences(9+9-2-0-1-5) from a scene I added during the first round of revisions to Chapter 6.

Doren stood in the door of the garage bay, staring at Cassie’s retreating form. He was such an idiot. No, more than that. He was a damn asshole.
She hadn’t been trying to hurt him with those words. Even as a part of him knew that, he hadn’t been able to stop himself from lashing out. At one time, that had been a pretty normal reaction to just about anything someone said that could be taken the wrong way.
She was right about history, though. It was important. It could change absolutely everything about a person.

Despite not getting much done on Monday,  things are still going well.  Only thing I haven’t gotten anything done on is my knitting & plotting

  • Scars and All: Read Through.  Possibly: 2nd revisions.  If time: start polishing round – I finished the read through this morning. And 6/29 chapters revised.
  • Leo & Bryan – keep plotting – none of this yet
  • Into the Sun: proofread & submit – weekend project
  • Read: Take Off Your Pants – 45% I’m through 30% so far
  • Read: Sweetest Mistake(Candis Terry), Run the Risk(Lori Foster), The Klaus Brothers set(Penny Watson), & Hot Head(Damon Suede) I finished Sweetest Mistake last night. Love this series. Read the first few pages of Run the Risk this morning.
  • Knit: Cuddly Chevron Blanket – nothing yet this week

Should be able to get more done this week. Hopefully most of it, but we’ll see.


Comments on: "Writing Wednesday: New Routine" (9)

  1. I like the sound of alternating projects, but I draft faster than I edit. That would leave a huge pile of edits for me (something I just dug myself out of and am trying to keep from happening again). Though maybe a 1-to-2 ratio… You got me thinking! 🙂

    I have yet to watch FROZEN (kids saw it at school). Closest I’ve come is seeing the characters on ONCE UPON A TIME, but no Olaf there. He looked very happy at his party. My daughter’s birthday weekend tends to fall on the grape festival, so I know your pain. We’re doing the weekend after for her slumber party.

    Keep being and doing awesome!

    • I tend to draft fast, too. Which is why I have several projects still waiting on revisions. This way I figure I can get them done without having to set new writing aside for months. We’ll see if this is something I can stick with.

  2. Ooo… What did he say? What did she? I’m brilliant at sticking my foot in my mouth or saying exactly the wrong thing. It’s always nice to see other people doing the same (even if they’re fictional) so I know it’s not just me. 😉

  3. I like the way you show the struggles in their relationship. Very realistic and heart-felt. Good luck with that long to-do list. You got this!

    • Thanks. They’re not quite to the relationship stage yet, but they used to know each other. Figuring out how they’ve each changed since then.

  4. I really like Doren, and I’ve been right where he is, lashing out and wondering why. It’s the go-to way of dealing with anything one doesn’t like, in my family of origin, and moving past it was HARD.

    I hope Cassie will calm down, and so will he, and they’ll be able to work this through….

    Your alternating weeks might work for me, too…but I’ll wait until Round 4 to experiment. I’ll be looking forward to your updates.

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