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Teaser Tuesday: Stained Snow

Tuesday again, so time for another teaser for my, hopefully, next release. Still waiting to get it back from my beta reader, but hopefully it will be ready to go out by the end of the year. Sharing from Chapter 2 today.

Maggie Barnes stood at the door and looked down toward the barn. She couldn’t see Thomas, but she knew he was inside. He’d told them last night he’d be riding out after breakfast this morning. She’d seen the relief in her father’s eyes. It hadn’t been reflected in hers.
She didn’t want Thomas to leave. He’d only been here a month, and not for more than a few days at a time then. He’d been here almost a week this time. He hadn’t told them ahead of time before when he left. He’d just be saddling up in the morning. It meant something else that he warned them.
It meant he wasn’t coming back.
She wrapped her arms around her body even though the sun was warm today. She still felt a chill. Even though it came from inside her, she couldn’t stop rubbing at her arms as if to warm them. He was riding away, for more than the couple days he was usually gone.
He’d promised to take her to San Francisco, to Denver. Maybe even to New York City. Now, he was leaving her behind. She wanted to ask him why, but feared what the answer would be. That these last weeks hadn’t really meant anything to him. At least not what they’d meant to her. They must not, if he could ride away.
He wasn’t taking her with him.


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