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Welcome to another edition of Weekend Writing Warriors, the blog hop for anyone who likes to write. Today I have 8 sentences from a little farther on from where I left off last week. Trace has just handed Icarus a picture he took from an old photo album his mom had.

   He took it, unfolding it. “God, this takes me back,” he said. “When did you find out?”
“That Henry Kearns wasn’t my father? Since I was fifteen. That you were? When you said she told you that you flew too close to the sun. She told me the same thing when I was leaving.”

My son’s birthday was Thursday.  The big 5. wpid-wp-1441394291551.jpgIt was also 9 years since my father-in-law passed away.  Yeah,  it’s a bittersweet day. We gave the boy his gifts that night,  but we’re having his actual party this afternoon. wpid-wp-1441394313070.jpgOh yay, people in my house again (this is the problem with kids’ birthdays being so close. 2 parties in a month). Planning on going out on the bike with husband tomorrow,  though,  so that should help drain some of the anxiety.

As for this week’s goals:

  • Scars and All: Finish revisions, Possibly: read through, if still time: 2nd revisions – I did get revisions finished on Friday.  I cut over 5 in scenes then assured a little more than 6k in new words.
  • Into the Sun: revisions – finished these yesterday. Added almost 400 words.  Still need to proofread,  though.
  • Read: Take Off Your Pants(Libbie Hawker) – outlining book before anyone asks. 😉 – 20% through.
  • Read: Turning Pointe, Against the Law(Kat Martin), The Demon in the Wood(Leigh Bardugo), & Winning Streak(Katie Kenyhercz) – enjoyed everything(though was a little disappointed that Demon in the Wood ended at 45%. The rest was an excerpt for Six of Crows, which I am really looking forward to, especially after that excerpt). I finished Winning Streak today and started Sweetest Mistake (Candis Terry).
  • Knit: Cuddly Chevron Blanket making slow progress on this.  I don’t know why I forget every time how time consuming blankets are. One of these days I might remember.
  • Also working on plotting out the first of 2 novellas I plan to write for NaNoWriMo this year (yes,  I’m going to be a bit of a rebel). I have the brainstorming done and the first back story written out. Leo’s story took me a little by surprise and even broke my heart a bit. I’ll keep working on this when I have everything else finished.


Now,  for next week’s goals:

  • Scars and All: Read Through.  Possibly: 2nd revisions.  If time: start polishing round
  • Leo & Bryan – keep plotting
  • Into the Sun: proofread & submit
  • Read: Take Off Your Pants – 45%
  • Read: Sweetest Mistake(Candis Terry), Run the Risk(Lori Foster), The Klaus Brothers set(Penny Watson), & Hot Head(Damon Suede)
  • Knit: Cuddly Chevron Blanket








Comments on: "Sunday Summary: WeWriWa – “Takes Me Back”" (8)

  1. Nice eight, Fallon! And great progress this week. I know what you mean about people in the house. We had the kids’ last few parties elsewhere, and that really helped me deal. Now, my son doesn’t want parties, and my daughter wants a sleepover in her room that’s currently not in a state for that.

    When they did have home parties, they usually had one party, since they have mostly mutual friends. Their birthdays are exactly eight weeks apart; mine is three weeks after one, and five before the other, so we’d have the party the weekend after my birthday, so it was roughly at the halfway point.

    On the plus side for you, now that the birthdays are over, you can relax for a while and have some no company time, I hope.

    • Thanks! The boy went to a couple parties this summer. one at a bounce house place and the other at Chuck E Cheese. I don’t think I’d like that much better(husband took him to both). I just don’t deal well with people. Their birthday are three weeks & three days apart.

      • My kids don’t like costumed characters.We went to my nephew’s party there last year, and when that mouse came out, my kids escaped into the arcade -= and they were ten and thirteen then.

        I’m OK with people some of the time, if there aren’t too many too close together….

        I’m glad your parties ate over now, so you can have your space.

  2. My daughter’s birthday is at the end of the month and she’s entering double digits. She wants a slumber party. I’m thinking snacks, crafts, and letting them rule the first floor. My heart goes out to you for I know just how anxious you must be feeling. I hope things go well and your nerves don’t run you ragged.

    As always, you rock the goals! Keep being awesome!

    • Party went well. None of his friendswe invited name (about 5. I was afraid that would happen with the holiday weekend). So, it was only family, and that still had my nerves tight.
      Thank you!

  3. Sounds like a full week into the weekend. And now you can breath a sigh of relief. 🙂

    Nice snippet!!

  4. […] anyone who loves to write.  Still sharing from Into the Sun,  this is a little farther on from last week’s.  Trace is asking Icarus why he never tried to find […]

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