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Just a few posts to share again.  This will probably be the way I do it from now on. 3 seems like the perfect number to me.

A post from Ashley Herring Blake on No One Loves the Girl Who is Strong. Some really good thoughts here.

From Julie Glover on how Some People Will Hate Your Book. This is a good thing to keep in mind.  I know there are some books I loved that even friends didn’t care for.  And I’ve seen some that others have raved about that I just couldn’t get into. We all have different tastes and perspectives on things.  So just because someone may not care for our books doesn’t mean the book is bad. Someone else may absolutely love it.

And from Writeworld, a post on using gender neutral pronouns in your writing. This is actually an older post,  but a resource if you write any characters outside the binary of male/female.

What do you think? Have you read any good posts lately?

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