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Welcome to another installment of Weekend Writing Warriors, the blog hop for anyone who likes to write. I’m still sharing from Into the Sun. Today, I have nine sentences from near the beginning of the next scene(skipped the first two sentences of the scene). Another new character shows up in this one.

   ”Birdie,” he said, “what have I said about flying in the house?”
The light giggle had another part of me stiffening. God, what was wrong with me? She didn’t sound like she could be older than fifteen, and I’d just turned eighteen. That was all kinds of wrong.
“I’d heard you were home. I missed you, Dad.”
Dad. And, if I was right about Icarus, that made what I felt even more kinds of wrong.

Oh, young…lust. And Trace may be jumping to a couple conclusions that just might not be quite correct. 🙂

The week’s been going pretty well for me. Getting stuff done. Friday night we went up to Erie and each got new phones. I got the Samsung Note 5. I do like being able to actually write right on the phone, but it’s taking a little getting used to. Spent yesterday morning installing and logging into my apps. Also, they were having a promotion for buying Samsung phones. So we each got a “free” tablet. Still had to pay an activation fee & a monthly fee for adding the line, but that’s it. So, I have that to play around with now, too.

Yesterday was also my cousin’s wedding. She’s 8 years younger than me, but it’s still hard for me to wrap my head around the fact she’s old enough to get married. Which is silly, but still. It was a pretty nice wedding. Rather laidback. Very country.
image cups at the reception.


The girl at the reception.

  • Flames of Justice – 1st round of revisions. Possibly: start read through. If still have time: 2nd round of revisions – finished this. Also got revisions note cards for Scars and All finished. And ready to start revisions on Monday.
  • Into the Sun – Read through & revision plan – haven’t started yet, but there’s still today.
  • Read: GMC: Goal, Motivation, Conflict – finish – finished reading this.
  • Also read: Banshee’s Revenge(Victoria Richards), Descent(J.R. Pearse Nelson), and Tough Love(Skye Warren). And started Turning Pointe(Katherine Locke)

Still one more day left in the month, but I’m going to do my wrap-up today anyway.


  • Demons Rising – finish revisons & polish(this may be a bit of a reach. Depends on how long it takes to get through 1st round of revisions) – I got all this done & Flames of Justice & started Scars and All.
  • Revise anything I get back from CP/Beta – didn’t get anything back.


  • Guarding the Heart get through Chapter 20 – decided to set this aside. I’ll get back to it sometime, though.
  • Into the Sun – finish 1st draft & revise* – finished the first draft, but just starting the read through.


  • Listen/Read: 16 books – listened to 5/read 24
  • Read 1 craft/research book – read Goal, Motivation, Conflict(Debra Dixon)


  • Knit: Hive dishclothIMG_0774
  • Crochet: Spring Training CapIMG_0800 IMG_0801

A lot more blue than red for August. That always makes for a good month. So, my goals for September:


  • Scars and All – have it polished up by the end of the month
  • Stained Blood – depending on time: start revisions
  • Into the Sun – revisions


  • Listen/read: 16 books(even though I’ve already met my 3rd quarter goal of 49 books)
  • Read 1 craft book


  • Knit: Cuddly Chevron Blanket
  • Crochet: Twist’N Shout Slouchy Hat

And for this week:

  • Scars and All: Finish revisions, Possibly: read through, if still time: 2nd revisions
  • Into the Sun: revisions
  • Read: Take Off Your Pants(Libbie Hawker) – outlining book before anyone asks. 😉
  • Read: Turning Pointe, Against the Law(Kat Martin), The Demon in the Wood(Leigh Bardugo), & Winning Streak(Katie Kenyhercz)
  • Knit: Cuddly Chevron Blanket




Comments on: "Sunday Summary: WeWriWa – “Flying in the House”" (23)

  1. Interesting. Is Birdie the same as Icarus? I don’t think so, but I’d have to read on to find out.

  2. Poor Trace! Which does he want more?

  3. Flying in the house? He may be flying the coup, at this rate. Intriguing. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Intriguing snippet, raises many questions for us inagoodway.

  5. Flying in the house? Innn-teresting!

    You seem to have a good handle on your goals. I saw a lot of ‘finished’ and ‘almost finished’ up there. That’s great! It’s nice to see you have included crafting goals as well as reading, writing and editing goals. The dishrag looks interesting!

  6. The snippet made me curious and the cups made me laugh. 🙂

    Congrats on the progress, and wishing you a great week!

  7. Just popping by for a quick how’d ya do. In less than 48 hours, I’ll be winging my way to the UK for my eldest’s wedding. Kind of mind-boggling. All the best with your ROW80 goals. Kudos for including craftings! Perhaps I will add weekly photo walks to my list of goals. My ROW80 goals are, for the next three weeks, on hold . . . except I do hope to get some reading and writing done while I’m in the air (and in the airport waiting to fly across the Pond). And, of course, I will take oodles of pics while I’m away. TTFN

  8. You had a great August! Lots of progress, lots of plans. A new phone and a new tablet.

    I’m very curious to see how this Trace/Icarus/Birdie relationship pans out. Three years isn’t such a big difference, ultimately, and possibly worth the wait…

    I’m adjusting goals to embrace the reality of not having access to my laptop and certain files on it. There’ll be more organizational and physical stuff for the next while, but, eventually, I’ll have more modern equipment again. By then, I hope to have cleared some things off the deck, so I can focus on things that are beyond this machine’s limits.

    And I’m enjoying the extra time with those I love, too!

    • Thanks. It did go pretty well. Definitely more progress than I’d originally planned on. I’m using that tablet right now actually. Having to reply to comments differently than I’m used to. The drop down notifications menu doesn’t seem to pay well with it.
      if she was even seventeen and he was the years older, he might not think it such a problem. Of course he’s jumping to conclusions about her age anyway. But there’s something else that disturbs him a bit more that has to do with their connections to Icarus. I may share more on that next Sunday.

      • I gathered there was something else. And I’m guessing he’s not spot on with his assumptions, on either count…

        Of course, that’s not going to help him out of the hard spot he’s in right now…

        I hope you’ll figure out the tablet and soon be having lots of fun with it!

  9. I saw pictures of one of my cousins (technically she’s my sixth cousin, my grandmother’s cousin’s granddaughter) and I have a hard time believing she’s in college (forensic science). She’s a little girl in my head and I just can’t accept she’s gotten older. Maybe it is because we don’t want to admit we’re older?

    Sounds like you had a busy week and productive month. As always, I’m jealous (in a good way, of course). Keep being awesome!

    • That’s just it. All my memories are of her as a little girl. She was only about 10 when I went to college. Even though I’ve seen her since, that seems to be where my mind sticks.

      Thank you!

  10. Definitely a good week. I always enjoy your snippets. You ‘ve reminded me that I need to review my august goals and post and a progress update for the month and Round. Might not happen Wednesday. Maybe next Sunday (as today is Wednesday now).

    It’s weird when those younger than us (by more than 5 years) hit milestones like that. Like when my friends daughter graduated high school last year. Makes one feel older, doesn’t it?

  11. […] anyone who likes to write. Today I have 8 sentences from a little farther on from where I left off last week. Trace has just handed Icarus a picture he took from an old photo album his mom […]

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