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Another weekend(actually it’s Thursday as I type this. Shhhh), another installment of Weekend Writing Warriors. Still sharing from my short story-turned-novella, Into the Sun. Last week, we left off with some questions. This week, some might be answered.(I’ll answer one: they offered for Trace to go home with them. That’s what they’d been discussing). This follows telling Icarus he was named after his grandfather, but called Trace.

γ€€γ€€γ€€One side of his mouth tipped up at that. “Didn’t go for Trey, huh?”
“Stepdad said it sounded too prissy.”
I saw Icarus’ jaw clench at that. “I’m a junior as well. There used to be a girl who I thought wanted to be with me, and we talked about kids. Our son would have been a Trey.”
“Wh-what happened to her?”
“Just up and left one day. Said I flew too close to the sun.”

Trace has heard very similar words to that before. And Icarus did leave out a bit of that story, but might get to that later.

Like I said above, I started writing this up on Thursday. This week has been crazy productive. I finished my read through on Wednesday and had all the notes typed up in Scrivener on Thursday. A full day ahead of schedule. I even got through about half of Friday’s to-do list while the kids were shopping with their great-grandma(who lives next door). I had about 3.5 hours to myself.

  • Demons Rising: Read Through on my Kindle – finished the read through on Wednesday. Had over 300 notes. Of course, most of these were about splitting paragraphs. Some were at least a full page on my kindle, and I don’t like that. Also have 2 more scenes I want to add in(ended up only adding 1 in. Didn’t think the other was needed after all). To a MS that’s already my longest yet. I also finished revisions Friday. Added about 287 words total(had been closer to 400 then cut some more).
  • Guarding the Heart: Work through Chapter 17(this will be early morning project) – I did get through this. It was only 1(rather steamy, you may have figured if you read Wednesday’s post) scene, but I still finished it. πŸ˜‰ I wrote 1240 words
  • Into the Sun: finish 1st draft – not yet. As of Thursday, I’d written 1310 words. And I added another 244 Saturday morning.
  • Read: GMC: Goal, Motivation, Conflict – 50% did this on Wednesday.
  • Read: Debt Collector: Season 1(Susan Kaye Quinn), Murder by the Seaside(Julie Anne Lindsey), & Everly After(Rebecca Paula) – finished all 3 of these and enjoyed them. Also read Stone of Destiny(Laura Howard). I enjoyed the first book but didn’t feel all connected to the character’s in this one. Still plan to finish off the trilogy, though. I also read Dare to Submit(Carly Phillips), which I really enjoyed, The Mackenzies: Dane, Thomas, Riley, Cooper & A Mackenzie Christmas(Lilliana Hart). I usually really like her stuff, but I really couldn’t buy the “I’ve known you/been with you 1 night & we’re in love”. Then, I read Something Like Normal(Trish Doller). Absolutely loved this one. I usually go to bed around 9, but I kept going “I’m just going to read a little more.” Then, it was after 11, and I was finished with it. I started and finished A Magic Dark & Bright(Jenny Adams Perinovic) by just after lunchtime Saturday. So, so good. But that ending…gah. *bites nails until book 2 comes out* I also got about 75% through Make It Count(Megan Erickson) yesterday.
  • Crochet: Spring Training Cap – finished this on Thursday, too. The baseball stitches aren’t quite centered. IMG_0801IMG_0800

Obviously I need to readjust how much I figure I can get done in a week. I had figured one revising step a week. But, I got 2 done this week. I’ll have to do some thinking on this.

For next week:

  • Demons Rising: Polish
  • Guarding the Heart: Finish Chapter 18(once I start polishing DR)
  • Into the Sun: Finish 1st draft
  • Read: GMC: Goal, Motivation, Conflict – get through 75%
  • Read: Make It Count(Megan Erickson), & Second Chance at the Sugar Shack(Candis Terry)

Comments on: "Sunday Summary: WeWriWa – “Would Have Been”" (12)

  1. “Said I flew too close to the sun” – resonates really well, loved it. Nicely done Fallon.

  2. You have had a productive week. Way to go. And the stitches on the baseball cap look great to me. You have such talent!

  3. Way to go on all the productivity!

  4. Interesting snippet, loved the reference to flying too close to the sun.

  5. Oh, I loved the line “Said I flew too close to the sun.” Gets me RIGHT THERE!!” (points to my heart)

    How do you feel about the power of that line? I love when there a line that just hits it right home. Sometimes hard to get that perfect moment.

  6. Stitches are adjustable (usually). A tug here or there… Sounds like another heavy reading list week for you. Been in something of that mode myself. The need to fill the day with words. Hopefully you’ll reconnect with your favorite characters again soon. And… it sounds like you’re again finding your pace with Guarding the Heart. Am all-around balanced week…

    • It has been a pretty reading intensive couple weeks. But, I like it that way. πŸ™‚

      Well, I’ve ended up setting Guarding the Heart aside again. I will get back to it eventually.

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