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Fire Friday

Back in April when I was doing the A-Z challenge(with my fire theme), I considered starting a semi-regular feature with a similar theme. Haven’t done anything with it yet. I think mostly it will be links to fire-related articles. That might not always be the case, though. It won’t be a weekly feature, more likely monthly.

Firefighter falls through roof. – I find it amazing he was able to walk away from this. Also why walking into the fire isn’t the only danger.

Serial Arsonist Arrested – He set 30 vegetation fires since April. Wow. Certainly not helping wildfire season.

9 sources of stress – an interesting look into some of the issues firefighters might face on a daily basis that can increase their stress.

And one for fun – 20 Signs You’re a Firefighter. My husband could probably relate to a few of these.


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