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If you read Sunday’s post, I mentioned going on a ride Sunday hosted by RAACA(Riders Advocating Against Child Abuse). It was a good ride, stopping at 5 different ice cream shops, then a beach for the after party. This was after the Tattoo memorial ride Friday night. Let’s just say it’s probably a good thing we’re not going on another ride this weekend(there is one Saturday, but we’re having our daughter’s birthday party that day). Sitting can get sore after a while.

Shirts I got from last weekend's rides.

Shirts I got from last weekend’s rides.

I’ve been working through the first round of revisions on Demons Rising this week. I worried these would take a while, but I’m about halfway through right now. I’ve added a few new scenes and also cut a bit. So far I’m up 2441 words. And since I’ve set aside Guarding the Heart completely while I work on these, it means I’m taking a break from Casey and Emelyn this week for WiPPet Wednesday as well. Don’t worry! They’ll probably be back next week, or the week after at the latest. For now, though, you get Todd and Jade. Today I have 13 sentences(8+5) from Chapter 4.

He let out a shaky breath and took a step forward. And saw Garren’s head come up at the movement.
He could see the surprise in Garren’s face. And the other man pushed his chair back as he got to his feet. “Todd? What the hell are you doing here?”
He saw Jade’s shoulders tense at his name. Damn. What had he ever done to her? He knew he’d been a little pushy at the wedding. But, he hadn’t wanted to let her go. Still, he didn’t think it should be enough reason to be so uptight about his presence. But, he had other things to worry about right now.

Like I said, this week is going well so far. Despite a rough start yesterday morning. I wasn’t feeling well when I woke up. Ended up laying on the couch for a few hours and reading until I started feeling better. Still ended up getting just about everything on my list done.

  • Demons Rising: Round 1 Revisions – making progress on this. Still hoping to finish these this week
  • Into the Sun: Try to finish – haven’t worked on this anymore. Hopefully this weekend.
  • Read: GMC: Goal, Motivation, and Conflict(Debra Dixon) – 25% – I’ve read about 10% of this.
  • Read: Scratch(Rhonda Helms), Pivot Point(Kasie West), & Love the Way You Lie(Skye Warren) – I’ve read all of these already. Enjoyed each of them. Now, I’m reading Curious(R.G. Alexander)
  • Knit: Hive Dishcloth – On track to finish this week.

Comments on: "Writing Wednesday: Working Through" (23)

  1. Great snippet! Now I want to read more lol. Keep up the great work!

  2. I love the way you hint at things in so few sentences, in a way that makes me absolutely sure there’s a lot more to this story….

    Sorry you weren’t feeling well, but happy you got to feeling better. And I know what you mean about having a sore body from lots of bike riding…been there, done that.

  3. Interesting reaction. Has me curious as to why, and what other things he has to worry about.

    Now, when you say ‘bike’ — given the design on the shirt — I’m going with motorcycle. Yes? My hubs and I both have bikes, but I do more riding than driving. And, yeah, I can relate to the soreness.

    • hehe, glad I got you curious. 🙂

      Yes, motorcycle. I never thought I’d like to ride, with being afraid of just about everything else, but I love it.

  4. Love the snippet! You got a lot done even with waking up not feeling well–glad you’re feeling better.

    • Thanks! Yeah, the week’s been going well. I slept in this morning, so I hope I can still make some good progress.

  5. I rode my (push)bike to work for the first time in about three months on Monday. Today’s the first day I haven’t been saddle-sore. So of course, I plan on riding again tomorrow.

    Nice snippet! I want to know what this wedding business is about.

    • Thanks!! That happened in the last book, but you might get some snippets of it when I get that one back from my CP. 🙂

  6. Great snippet! And I’ve got to see if I can get my hands on a copy of Goal, Motivation, Conflict. I might just have to buckle down and (gasp) buy it. Craft books are write-offs, right? I hope you’re feeling back at 100% and best of luck on the goals this week!

    • Thanks!

      I am, not sure exactly what was up. Almost felt like the gallbladder issues I had when pregnant with my daughter, though not quite as bad. Hoping I don’t start having issues with it again(haven’t really since she was 6 months old, and she turns 8 years on Monday).

      • Oh, no – did you get yours out? I had mine out, but it never turned out to be the problem to begin with. Gallbladders are tricky beasts, though, and can actu up any time… stay feeling better!

      • no. dr suggested we wait to six months post-birth & see if it corrected itself. It did. And I haven’t had any issues with it since. Hopefully it was just some random thing

  7. Oooo… What happened at the wedding? Did I forget something?

    • I don’t think I shared anything from this one when I was drafting it, and the wedding happened in the previous book, which I only shared a little from, I think. But, yeah, Todd may have come on a little strong for her liking.

  8. Ooh, that’s interesting. Sounds like his “a little pushy” is not quite how Jade is remembering things. LOL!

  9. Kat Morrisey said:

    You are rockin’ it, as usual! Love the snippet. Can’t wait for more. 🙂 I need to add that Dixon book to my list. Cause, I don’t have a million to read already, LOL! *adds it anyway, cause it’s what I do* 😀

  10. I love the snippet, they always make me want to find out what happened! Certainly sounds like Todd may have upset them both without even realising it…

    I hope you’re feeling better!

    • my computer apparently doesn’t want me to reply to this. 1st attempt: accidently deleted. After I restored: wouldn’t bring up the comment box until I came right to the post.

      Anyway, thank you! And yeah, he may have come on a bit strong. Plus, there’s more going on here for her. But, of course, he doesn’t know that. 🙂

  11. So much tension that you could cut it with a knife. I love it. And writing those tense moments, especially when I know what going to happen. If I have no idea, then it turns into a battle of the wits between me and the characters. Do you like writing tension scene?

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