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Have another snippet from the upcoming First Choice, Second Chance this week. This one comes from Chapter 3, which is the first one that goes back into the past.

“Mason.” He dropped the beer back into the cooler and turned toward her, and there went his traitorous heart again. “Lila.” He tried to keep his voice cold, but the way his heart kept stopping then racing again made it catch in his throat. “I wouldn’t have expected you to be here. Your father actually let you out of the house?” It was a struggle, but he’d brought his armor back into place. He couldn’t let her see how much she actually affected him. “I’m eighteen now, Mason. You know that, right?” He’d bought her a card but hadn’t been able to get the nerve to make it out. He could have found her address without a problem. That would have taken more courage than he’d been able to scrape up as well. He wasn’t going to tell her, though. He shrugged. “I wouldn’t think that would make a difference to Luca Corelli.” Something flashed through her eyes. He wasn’t sure if it was guilt or anger. “Like I said, I’m eighteen now. He doesn’t control me.” She stepped closer to him and ran her hand along his arm. “I’ve missed you, Mason. I know you probably don’t believe me. I probably burnt this bridge when I left. I’d like it if you’d help me over the water, anyway.” This was a mistake. He knew it even before he turned to her. He couldn’t bring himself to care if it was the biggest mistake of his life. He couldn’t remember ever wanting anyone else like he’d always wanted her. So, he did turn to her. He put his hands on her shoulders, his fingers sliding over bare skin. “The creek’s low, Babe. You can step over.” She did, right into him. His mouth met hers halfway there. He couldn’t think of anyplace else he’d rather be. Any place that made more sense than right here in her arms. For now, he could pretend he’d always be there.

First Choice, Second Chance comes out in 2 weeks, but it can be pre-ordered on Kindle, Nook, Kobo, or iBooks. Or add it to Goodreads.


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