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Welcome to another edition of Weekend Writing Warriors(I’m actually writing this up on Friday-woohoo for being ahead-that counts as the weekend, still, right?). I’m still sharing from Into the Sun. 10 sentences from a few paragraph’s down from last week’s snippet.

   Icarus cast looks between the other two men that I couldn’t quite read. “You ain’t on the run, are you?” the one with all the tattoos, his name patch read Bull, asked.
“Like from the law?” At Bull’s slight nod, I let out a small laugh. “Not ‘less you count my stepdad. He’s a deputy back in…where I came from.”
Icarus’ eyes went hot. “He hurt you, son? That why you’re running?”
“I just wanted to get away.”

So, what’s with all these questions? And who are these guys?

Friday night we went on a memorial ride for one of the members of the club my husband’s in who died a couple years ago. It was a good ride and we had fun at the after party. Although we didn’t get home until after midnight. Which my husband will tell you, is about 3 hours past my bedtime. 🙂 And I felt it a bit Saturday morning.

The kids stayed with my mom Friday night and my MiL took them to a parade Saturday. We didn’t get up until 7 Saturday morning(this is the height of me sleeping in). So, we were able to get girl’s birthday gifts shopped for without me making an excuse to have to go somewhere else in the store(how it happens most years). We picked them back up from her house on our way home, but they’ll be with her again tomorrow since we’re going on another ride(this will make 3 in the last week). This one is held by RAACA(Riders Advocating Against Child Abuse).

And as for my RoW80 check-in:

  • Demons Rising(title subject to change, as there are no actual demons in the story): do reverse outline on notecards – finished these on Thursday and looked through on Friday to see where I needed to add some scenes in/or split scenes.

    the smaller blank ones, overlaying the others, are where I need to add in scenes

    the smaller blank ones, overlaying the others, are where I need to add in scenes

  • Guarding the Heart: finish Chapter 15(hoping to get to Chapter 16 as well, but who knows) – I actually did get through Chapter 16. I’m going to set this aside while I get through this round of revisions on Demons Rising. I added 2877 words this week.
  • Into the Sun: finish 1st draft(I know basically how I want to do this, so we’ll see if the words cooperate) – still not finished, but likely just a few more scenes to go. I’ve added 4136 this week(so much for this being a side project)
  • Read: Finish Super Structure – finished reading this
  • Read: Finish Straight from the Hip, and work through other free books – I read Straight From the Hip(Susan Mallery), Hot as Hades(Cynthia Rayne), and Silken Threads(Patricia Ryan). Also finished Dirty London(Kelley York) yesterday. Really enjoyed this. And I finished listening to Caressed by Ice(Nalini Singh) and started The Sweetest Seduction(Christa McHugh).
  • Crochet: Amazing Grace Blissful Beanie – finished this earlier this week.

And since another month had passed(how does this keep happening?), time to do a recap of my month. I didn’t win Camp NaNo, I can tell you that much. About 5k from my goal. I usually don’t have a problem hitting 50k in a month, but I worked on revisions/edits for 3 different stories. And those numbers tend to be smaller. This will be the first time I haven’t won since like 2012(I think). But, I’m not too worried about it. Just going to keep on.


  • Ready When You Are(Kelan’s Story) – finish outline
  • Jessica’s Story – Outline – this got moved when I reorganized my project schedule. Will be a while before I get to it.


  • Burning Bright – finish 1st draft finished this earlier this month at 71721 words. 5845 of those were added this month.
  • Guarding the Heart – 1st draft ran into a snag with this one and ended up putting it on a side burner while I worked on revisions. Have added almost 30k to it, though. 
  • Into the Sun – finish – yeah, still not quite there yet. Close, though. I’ve added over 7200 to it this month.


  • The Choice – beta edits(even tho I never heard back from the 2nd beta reader) did this and even sent to & got back from proofreader & all set up for release next month.
  • Law of Choice – 2nd round revisions & polish – got this all ready to send out to my CP whenever she’s ready for it.
  • anything else I get back from CPs/beta readers – have 3 things out, but didn’t get any of them back this month.


  • Listen/read 16 books – 24/16 5 of those were audiobooks(not counting the 3 that were re-listens)
  • Read 1 craft/research book –read Super Structure(James Scott Bell)


  • Knit: Dino Cap
  • Crochet: Amazing Grace Blissful Beanie

And for next month:


  • Demons Rising – finish revisons & polish(this may be a bit of a reach. Depends on how long it takes to get through 1st round of revisions)
  • Revise anything I get back from CP/Beta


  • Guarding the Heart – get through Chapter 20
  • Into the Sun – finish 1st draft & revise*


  • Listen/Read: 16 books
  • Read 1 craft/research book


  • Knit: Hive dishcloth
  • Crochet: Spring Training Cap

And for this week:

  • Demons Rising: Round 1 Revisions
  • Into the Sun: Try to finish
  • Read: GMC: Goal, Motivation, and Conflict(Debra Dixon)
  • Read: Scratch(Rhonda Helms), Pivot Point(Kasie West), & Love the Way You Lie(Skye Warren)
  • Knit: Hive Dishcloth

Comments on: "Sunday Summary: WeWriWa – ‘On the Run’" (6)

  1. Thanks for sharing Fallon. I suspect there is a lot more going on than just a random conversation.
    (Well done on all the work you are getting done! It is very inspiring!)

  2. […] counts as my weekend, right? Anyway, I have 10 sentences following shortly after last week’s snippet. The three men are talking away from Trace, but he can still hear […]

  3. Always more to a story than what people volunteer… That’s why all the questions. 😀

    It’s been quite the busy month in general, and it looks like you’ve added more to your plate. Keep rolling a long as you can.

    Since you do a fair amount of riding… what is your take on mufflers? My dad says glass packs are loud because it helps people know that someone is on a bike and that drivers need to be cautious. Is that the common consensus?

    • Yes, there definitely is.

      I always seem to be adding more, but at least it means the ideas are rolling.
      I don’t have a lot of expertise myself, I just ride with my husband. But, I know a lot of the guys we ride with have patches that say “Loud Pipes Save Lives” so I’d say the general though is louder the better.

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