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Megan Luzat first shows up in Flames of Retribution, although she was mentioned briefly in Flames of Renewal. It isn’t until Flames of Recompense, we learn Megan and Callum Riley used to have a relationship. I didn’t even realize that until I was writing ‘Retribution’ and Callum mentions something to his brother, Adrian, although he doesn’t say her name.

Adam and Jennifer Luzat had three children, Warner, Megan, and Michaela. They both worked hard to provide for their family, but neither had well-paying jobs, so they struggled. While, Warner was the oldest, he wasn’t the most responsible. Most of that, fell to Megan. And since she was so good at stepping up, her parents relied on her maybe more than was healthy for any of them.

Warner died of a drug overdose when he was sixteen, Megan was just eleven. Her parents were, obviously, devastated, and she ended up taking on even more responsibility. She tried holding tight to her younger sister, but in the end, lost her, too, when Michaela was fourteen. Megan was only sixteen, and she was all that her parents had left.

Megan went to school, worked, and helped take care of things for her parents. She knew she wouldn’t be able to leave them to go to college, so she abandoned any thoughts of that, or her secret dream, becoming a firefighter. When she was twenty-one, she meets Callum Riley. She’s instantly attracted to him, until she learns he’s associated with the man she blames for her siblings’ deaths. But, there’s still something about him that pulls at her.

Fast forward three years, Callum’s trying to get clean and they’re together. Then, things go south. Callum is arrested on drug charges, Megan learns she’s pregnant, and she has some decisions to make. One of those is to keep Callum out of her daughter’s, their daughter’s, life. When her daughter, Kaelin, was six months old, her parents pushed her to go after her dream, obviously not as much a secret as she’d always thought.

A little over a year after that, she was moving to Crystal Glen from Erie. And a year after that, she runs into Callum again for the first time since he was arrested. But, for that, you’re going to have to wait to read Flames of Recompense.



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