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Judging by my spreadsheet, I haven’t made a lot of progress. Only 1500 words written so far(and that counts the 700 I’ve written this morning). But I finished second round revisions on Law of Choice(prequel to First Choice, Second Chance). I just need to go through and layer in more detail now then polish it up, and it will be ready to send to my CP. I went and shifted projects around again. Focusing on the 4 series I have published/out to readers. Then, throwing in a standalone once one of the series is finished. Means getting to some things sooner(revising Scars and All this October instead of next April) and some later(Guarding the Heart is now on the calendar for next August, although I’m still pecking away at it). We’ll see if I can stick with this for more than a week or two. For today’s WiPPet Wednesday, I have 8 paragraphs(7+2+2+1+5=17=1+7=8) from Chapter 6. Casey has shown up for a new personal security job, and him and the client’s daughter(the one he’s hired to protect) have gotten off to such a wonderful start.

Emelyn jerked her head up when her bedroom door swung open. She so did not feel like dealing with the arrogant, hard-headed…Her roommate stepped into the room before she could finish her internal diatribe against the bodyguard. “What do you need, Melissa?” she asked, turning back to the paper she’d been working on. Well, that was actually a stretch. She’d been staring at the screen for nearly an hour and hardly putting any words down. She never had this much trouble with a paper. “You making dinner tonight, or do you want me to order something in?” Making dinner would mean leaving her room and having to face Casey Brannigan again. Why did he get to her so easily? Why did she let him? He was just the hired help. She’d spent her life ordering them around. That wasn’t exactly right either. She’d never been like her father. Or her mother. She’d gotten along with all their employees, her nanny, the cook, the housekeeper. More than her father ever thought she should be. But, at least they’d been around when her mother had left. They hadn’t been the ones to abandon her. She shook off those thoughts as she realized Melissa was still watching her, that questioning look in her eyes. She sighed then pushed away from her desk. “I’ll whip something up,” she said. She’d have to face him sooner or later anyway. Might as well get it done. She walked down the hallway beside Melissa, doing her best to keep her shoulders squared and her head up. He was stretched out on the couch, his boots sitting beside it, and he had one arm behind his head as he flipped through the newspaper. He didn’t lift his gaze from the printed pages as she moved toward the kitchen. She didn’t know why that made her even angrier. No one had ever ignored her before.

I did mention last week these two like to yell at each other as much as me, right? And now for the mid-week RoW80 update. Like I said, I’ve shifted goals again, so this may not look great.

  • Guarding the Heart: try to get back on track. Decide if I’m going to keep with it or not. – even though this is more than a side project now, I’ve written just over 1k on it this week. I’ve been working on this from when I get up until about 6 a.m. – when I start chores – and switch to revisions after chores are done until noon. Then, I get everything else on the day’s list finished(social media, crafting, etc…) and if I have time, more revising before dinner. This schedule seems to be working for now. I’ll adjust slightly when school starts(boy will be home by 11, so all that time will be focused on writing & do chores in the afternoon).
  • Into the Sun: keep trying to finish. I at least know where I want to go with it. – I’ve been working on this in the mornings as well. And have added 418 words to it so far.
  • Read: Super Structure: get 2/3 through – I’m almost at the halfway point of this. Shouldn’t have any problem hitting this goal.
  • Read: Second Chance Summer & Go With Me(Elyssa Patrick) – Finished Second Chance Summer over the weekend. Really enjoyed it. 79% through Go With Me. Enjoying it for the most part. Finding some of the dialogue really repetitive, but other than that, I’m enjoying the story.
  • Knit: Dino Cap – FINISH – I finally got this finished yesterday. IMG_0755

Since I did shift things around, I’ve got some new goals for the rest of the week:

  • Law of Choice: Finish layering in details
  • Guarding the Heart: Finish Chapter 15
  • Into the Sun – get to 17500 words(about 750 words away from this)
  • Read: Super Structure to 2/3 through
  • Read: Finish Go with Me
  • Crochet: Amazing Grace Blissful Beanie

And I wanted to thank everyone who helped with Monday’s cover reveal. I really appreciate it! And a couple of the boy being a goof when I tried to get a picture: IMG_0751 IMG_0752


Comments on: "Writing Wednesday: Revising Goals" (24)

  1. I love the hat! You are so organized. I can’t imagine getting everything done in a day that you do, and be able to stay on task. Best of luck in keeping up with those goals.

    • Thanks!
      Organizing like I do seems to be the only way to control the chaos in my mind. Otherwise I wouldn’t get anything done.

  2. Kat Morrisey said:

    Omg that hat is adorable, as is the one wearing it! Just think, it a few months, it will be cold enough (and snowy enough) for us all to need of one of those!

    Your goals and progress astonish me, in the best way possible. Your progress and focus inspire me to keep at it and continue to challenge myself. Sappy, I know (and we know I’m never sappy, am ? LOL) but it’s the truth!

    Love the snippet! Can’t wait to read more!

    • haha, he is pretty cute. I really don’t want to think about that. Give me year-round 70s, please(guess I’m living in the wrong area for that. lol).
      Aw, thanks. Sappy? Nope, not at all. That’s not why we’re romance writers, right? 😉

  3. I think I remember some of that scene. Love how Emelyn goes through bit b bit how she deals with people… though I do wonder isn’t she answering her own questions without realizing it?

    The boy is SO cute!!!!!! Squee!

  4. Huzzah for amazing crochet!

    I started using a spreadsheet to track my daily wordcount in my WIP…then I switched WIPs.

    I wasn’t very organized last round. Hoping for better this one.

    • Thanks.
      I think having the spreadsheet is about the only thing that really keeps me on track. I have one that tracks all my WiPs, as well as giving me my daily,weekly, & monthly totals, for each & all together.

  5. That hat!!!!! I love it.

    Stories where people start off not liking each other are so much fun! That’s one of my favorite tropes, and I don’t care how often I see it, I still love it. There are so many fun possibilities with people who are both too stubborn to make the first move. LOL! I already like these two, even after only this one snippet.

    • Thanks!

      It’s one of my favorites, too, as well as second chances(which is one I seem to write a good bit). I’m glad you like them.

  6. I can really identify with hating to be ignored. It took me a long time to realize that being ignored can sometimes just mean the other party is busy or distracted and not mad.

  7. A little over eighteen years ago, this guy at work and I took an instant dislike to one another…he’s beside me sleeping while I type right now. One month from today we celebrate eighteen years of wedded not-quite-all-bliss-but-close-enough.

    So, I’m not only a fan of this type of story, I’m proof it’s more than a plot device that works equally well if one character happens to be, say, Vulcan…

    Love your son’s hamminess! =D

  8. Great hat!

    I’ve recently started using a spreadsheet to help keep me on track, after years of resistance. 🙂 We’ll see how it goes!

    Lots of great potential conflict in that snippet!

    • Thanks
      Spreadsheets definitely help me. I seem to like numbers, which is strange since I’ve always hated math. 🙂
      Oh, yes, there’s lots of conflict with these two. The fighting scenes roll right out. It’s everything in between I seem to struggle with.

  9. Nice dino cap! And such a cute model!

    Heh. Being ignored bugs her does it? Given how hard she was trying to avoid him, you would think being ignored would suit her. Except, um… it doesn’t. That’s promising. 🙂

  10. You always make next and fun project, especially the hats.

    Love internal monologue in the snippet. 🙂

  11. That hat is brilliant! And great goofy photos too. 🙂

    I feel like I shouldn’t laugh, but somehow Emelyn’s frustration at Casey is just too amusing. He really does know how to push her buttons, doesn’t he? So effectively that she can’t even concentrate… *grins* Sounds like the most fun kind of build-up to a relationship to me.

  12. […] another WiPPet Snippet!! Today I have nine paragraphs(7+2+9=18=1+8=9) following almost right after last week’s snippet(there’s like 1 paragraph between […]

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