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I talked a little about these two when I wrote about the rest of the Hunter Family. Jace and Jessica are Nolan’s younger twin siblings, born when Nolan was almost ten years old. As they grew up, though, their birthday was really the only thing they had in common.

Jessica was born first, and never really lets Jace forget it. As he told Kammi in Burning Bright:

“I imagine she’d have to be tough,” she said, “with four older brothers.”
“Three,” he corrected. “I’m technically younger. By about two minutes.” He gave a slow shake of his head. “She never lets me forget those two minutes.”

Jessica is tall and strong, with flaming red hair and bright blue eyes. The height and blue eyes she gets from their mother. The strength and red hair come from her father. Not that her mother isn’t strong, just not as obviously. Jess has always been tough, always wanted to build. Another thing she got from her father. All the kids spent time around construction sites growing up and knew how to use tools. So, it shouldn’t have been too much of a surprise when she joined her father’s company after high school. Her oldest brother was basically her boss, and he learned pretty quick that she could handle anything the other men could. She’s also a volunteer firefighter, along with most of the rest of the family. And she fits right in there, too, not taking any crap from the other men. For the last few years, she’s hand an on-again/off- again relationship with one of the younger firefighters at the paid fire department. At this point, that’s about all the more she’s told me.

Jace is shorter, looks scrawny(which surprises people when they see how strong he actually is), has auburn hair and hazel eyes. A mixture of both parents, without really looking like either of them. He has always been on the quieter side and loved to draw and paint. Took more after his mother there. And he always looked up to Nolan, who he saw as a hero, especially when he joined the Marine Corps. He thought he’d follow in his footsteps, then accepted that wasn’t the path for him. Though he did become a volunteer firefighter after Nolan came back and joined the paid department.

Jace never exactly felt like an outcast, but he never really felt like he completely belonged either. Like he hadn’t quite found his place yet. He’s had some success as an artist, and that’s how he initially meets Kammi Yates. I could tell more about their story, but I think I’ll just make you all read Burning Bright instead.

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