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I’m a bit behind where I want to be for the week, but making progress. So, that’s something at least. I’ve got First Choice, Second Chance(decided to stick with that title after bouncing thoughts around with CP) out to the proofreader & will likely have final cover in my hands(ok, in my files) sometime today. So, I’m planning to do the cover reveal on Monday and looking for people to help share it/spread the word. If you’d be able to help in revealing it, let me know, either in the comments here or email me: fallonrb@gmail.com.

Now, for a new WiPPet! I’ve been working on Guarding the Heart(book 1 in BC Security series) this month. I actually started it last February(as in over a year ago). I’d started 3 books that month, and have since finished the other 2. And if we want to be totally correct, I started this back in November 2011. But, I’ve actually re-plotted and started re-writing from scratch since then. So, yeah. I’ve added almost 21k to it so far this month. Today, I have the first 13 paragraphs(7+1+5). This has barely been touched since it was first written.

Casey Brannigan stood at the back of the church. He hated these places. Hated them like nothing else. And he’d hated plenty of things during the last thirty years. But churches, and particularly the funerals held in them, held a special place in his list of hatred. There’d been too many. Too damn many. And he was sick of attending them. But, he’d missed the one he should have been there for the most.
The thought, the memory, nearly had him doubled over with the pain of grief. Eight years. Eight damn years, and it still hurt. He should be over it by now. Should have moved on and gotten over her.
He’d never get over her.
He felt a hand clamp down on his shoulder and winced even though he knew who it was. “Goddamn it, Alex. I’ve told you not to do that.”
“Watch it, Casey. You shouldn’t take the Lord’s name in vain in his own house.”
The words were light, but Casey knew his best friend took his faith seriously. “I don’t think your Lord has anything to do with these places or half the shit that goes on in them.”
“Again, you may want to watch it.”
Casey realized people’s heads were turning their way and pursed his lips together. He was silent as the pastor read a passage from the bible. “We shouldn’t be here,” he finally said.
“She was our client, Case. You’re the one who wanted to come.”
“Exactly. She was ours. We shouldn’t have let this happen. How did he get past us?”
Alex shook his head then glanced down pointedly at Casey’s side. “He nearly killed you, that’s how. Your guardian angel is gonna quit his job if you keep this up.”
“I was just doing my job, Alex. We’re supposed to protect our clients.”
“I’m not stupid, Casey. You’re still trying to make up for not being able to protect Marie.There was nothing you could have done. You weren’t even in the country.”

And now for my progress this week:

  • First Choice, Second Chance – line up proofreading & cover art – done! *dances around* Done, done, done.
  • Guarding the Heart – draft through Chapter 19 – I’ve finished through Chapter 12. As of right now, the next 3 chapters each only have 1 scene in them(I’ve already been moving things around this morning, so that may change if I realize they need more). I’ve added 8390 words so far this week.
  • Into the Sun – keep working toward finishing – weekend project
  • Read: Super Structure(James Scott Bell) – read through first 1/3 – I’m almost 15% through this.
  • Read: Soul Resurrected(Keri Lake), Sweet Seduction(box set & may not read all in it), & The Murder Complex(Lindsay Cummings) – really enjoyed Soul Resurrected. I’ve skipped most of the books in Sweet Seduction, but am reading Wanderlust by Roni Loren now(main reason I got this box set) and loving it. Since I actually finished Soul Resurrected on Sunday, I added another book to this week’s list: Trust the Focus(Megan Erickson).
  • Knit: Dino Hat – finish – haven’t made a lot of progress on this so far.
  • Crochet: Amazing Grace Blissful Beanie – haven’t started this yet
  • RoW80 Sponsor Post – Submit – submitted this yesterday. And of course, once I hit send, I started having my doubts about it. Happens every time.

My week started out pretty slow, but it seems to be picking up again. How’s everyone else doing?


Comments on: "Writing Wednesday: Restarting Old Project" (21)

  1. kathils said:

    Oooh… lots of good lines in this and much hinted at. I like it. I can see why you want to start working on it again.

    Count me in on the cover reveal. Glad to help spread the word.

    • I’m glad you liked it. Words haven’t exactly been flowing, but it’s coming along.
      Thank you! I’ll try to have everything together and email sent tomorrow sometime.

  2. I really enjoyed the snippet of your work

  3. I envy your ability to finish things!

    I’m gathering together my various unfinished crochet projects, joining them together with black yarn, and calling the afghan a tribute to finishing what you start.

    • haha. I’ve barely worked on the hat this week. Tuesday was too hot, yesterday was a bad focus day so I never got everything else done. I might get to it sometime though.

      And that’s a great idea!

  4. I love this snippet. So much given in so few words. So much emotion, so much history hinted at…

    You’re doing well at your goals – summer doesn’t seem like the best time for fabric arts, to me. Maybe you’ll have a huge shift when you can smell frost in the air again?

  5. I forgot to add that I’d be happy to help you with that cover reveal. Since I still owe you a beta read, it seems the least I can do (and I DO plan to get to that read, no later than next month, when the drafting madness ends…)….

  6. Nice! That’s a boaty load of conflict in one little snippet. Well done.

  7. The weeks coming along, finally making the writing something daily part work for me. Now I have at least three story is various states of work to keep me occupied.

    What a tension filled scene! Definitely looking forward to more.

    Congrats on finishing First Choice, Second Chance!! Huzzah!! 🙂

  8. There is so much going on in this snippet, and you’ve conveyed it really well. It doesn’t feel like an infodump, but drops as much info as we need to get interested really early.

    I’m happy to help with the cover reveal! Email me at fuzzyagent999[@]yahoo[dot]com[dot]au

  9. Why do I get the feeling that saying Marie’s name is going to be the straw that broke the proverbial camel’s back? The inner (and outer) dialogue are very strong here… we’re feeling Casey’s heart a lot more than he’s feeling his wounds.

  10. Count me in for the cover reveal! tpolen6@gmail.com Casey sounds like a man with an interesting past – I want to know more!

  11. Your snippets always drag me in and when I get to the end of them I just sit here bereft because there’s no more… I’m going to have to sit and wait patiently (somehow…) to find out a little more about these guys, because they sound really interesting.

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