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I’ve written about James before. He was a character that surprised me. A lot of them seem to do that. But, really, I didn’t expect to give him his own story. He’s the oldest main character I’ve written to date. But, as I learned more about his back story, all that he’d been through, I really wanted to give him his happy ever after.

The older son of Robert and Carol Brooke, James always felt like he needed to look after his younger brother, Zachary. Not only because he was the older brother, but Zach tended to be more impetuous. So, James was constantly pulling him out of trouble and dangerous situations. They’re not quite a year apart in age, but different in just about every way.

For one of my Story a Day pieces in May, I wrote out some of James’ back story. A moment that really changed his life. Warning: there is mention of spouse and child’s death for anyone that might be triggering for.

James keeps popping up in each of the stories. I’d say he plays a bit of a mentoring role for a lot of the characters. I don’t think I’ll be saying bye to him for a while though.

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  1. […] Brooke is the younger son of Robert and Carol Brooke. James is his older brother. Zachary is just under a year younger than his brother, and they did pretty […]

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