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So, I skipped my ‘G’ post. I could have written about Giovanni Magaldi, Caitie’s younger brother. He has showed up a few times throughout the stories. But, I still don’t know a whole lot about him. He kind of keeps to himself. There are a few things that have come to light, but we’re keeping them quiet for right now. So, I just decided not to write the post.

H is another one I don’t have too many characters to choose from. But, there is the Hunter family. We first met Nolan Hunter in Flames of Redemption. Don’t see a whole lot of him there, and he makes a brief appearance in Flames of Renewal. There’s also a scene at the beginning of that(if it makes the final cut) with Nolan’s dad, Carrick, and his two older brothers, Tate & Kelan, as well as their younger sister, Jessica. Nolan got a lot more page time in Flames of Retribution, since he is Mark’s best friend. And then his own story a couple later in Flames of Restoration.

Carrick and Ariana Hunter are the head of the family. They’ve been married for over forty years. He followed his own father into the construction business, taking the company over when his father retired. Ariana taught art class at the local elementary school. They had three boys within five years: Tate, Kelan, and Nolan. They thought they were done adding to their family after that. Until shortly after Nolan’s ninth birthday when Ariana found out she was pregnant with twins. Jessica and Jacen joined the family about two months before Nolan turned ten.

As the oldest, Tate sees himself as a bit of a protector. Which is hard for him to do much of when Nolan joins the Marines. Tate married his high school sweetheart, Rebekah, just after graduation. They’d always had a tumultuous relationship, though, and marriage didn’t change any of that. They were constantly fighting and then making up. Then, a couple years into the marriage, Rebekah tells him she’s pregnant. He’s scared but also excited, and when she loses the baby, devastated. They deal with the grief differently, and he feels like she acts as if nothing has happened. She feels like he’s not there for her and cheats on him. They try to work things out until she cheats again, and he has enough. They aren’t completely over after that, because she keeps coming back and stringing him along.

Kelan never really felt like he fit into the family. He didn’t have any interest in the construction business, unlike Tate, he didn’t want to volunteer with the fire department like the rest of the family, and even though he liked to draw, he was always designing houses instead of anything else. But, he took a hit to his confidence shortly before he would have gone to college and set aside his dreams of being an architect for teaching. He’s always kept to himself and isn’t much for dating, but is really close with his family.

Nolan joined the Marine Corps after spending two years as a psychology major. He spent four years in and saw a couple tours of duty. Came back with a wounded shoulder, but even before that was becoming disenchanted with the war. So, he didn’t re-enlist, joining the local paid fire department instead. And when his best friend, Mark, got out a couple years later, he convinced him to move up and join too.

Jessica has always felt like she had something to prove to her older brothers, that she was as tough, smart, brave as they were. She joined the Explorer post of the fire department as soon as she could. Became a full member at the earliest possible moment, too. And went to work with her father and brother almost as soon as she could lift a hammer. She has never backed down from anything or anyone, refusing to give in to the idea she should be or do less because she’s a woman. That’s part of what attracted Austin , a firefighter who works with Nolan, to her, though they have a rather on/off relationship.

Jace is an artist, first and foremost. He’s also a volunteer firefighter. He’s proud of both and never felt like he needed to prove anything, although he never quite felt like he fit into place in his family either. Other than his sister, he’s closest with Nolan. He’s a very easy-going person, but his family is the one thing that can get him to rise to a fight.

The Hunters are a very close-knit family who will always stand up for each other even when they don’t agree. They have their issues, but never let that come before their love for each other.

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