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Yes, that’s right, I’ve already shifted my goals. Are we really surprised? The answer should be no, if you’ve spent any mentionable time around me, virtually or in person. I spent time yesterday reorganizing my projects into groups. I have 4 on-going series and 1 standalone in each group. That number dwindles as i go on. But, when I put it all into calendars, it takes me all the way to 2024. Yeah, I obviously don’t have to worry about running out of ideas for a while. I’ll be concentrating on the first group right now(of which 2 are already out). So, I’m focusing on beta edits for First Choice before I get back to working on Guarding the Heart. I should have those done by the end of this week, though(probably before). Actually finished them between typing that and finishing up this post.

But, since it is Wednesday, and WiPPet time, I’ll be sharing from what I have open right now. Which is First Choice, Second Chance(thinking of dropping the second part from the title. Don’t know though). This one has an alternating timeline, and this snippet is from one of the “before” parts. You may recognize one of the characters from something else I’ve shared. 8 paragraphs for the eighth of the month.

He glanced over and through the beginning haze of a nice buzz, he recognized Doren Holland, who had been the school’s star linebacker up until he left for college the year before.
“What do you want? Lila’s not here with me. Didn’t you already hear me tell everyone?”
“I heard,” he said, his voice surprisingly soft for such a big man. A lot of things about Doren would surprise people who only watched him play out on the field. “Is that why you’re so angry?”
“I’m not angry. I’m fucking pissed. She went off with Kyle. He’s going to steal another girl from me, and there’s not a fucking thing I can do about it.”
The woman standing beside Doren paled, but he saw the understanding in the other boy’s face. “Cassie never should have left you for him. He’s never been more than a bully. I don’t know what she saw in him.”
Mason sighed. “He’s charming. He talks and smooths his way into whatever he wants. Who would pick a simple farm boy over him?”
“There’s nothing wrong with simple,” the girl beside Doren said. “Even a snake feels smooth.”
Doren’s teeth flashed at her words. “Mason, this is my girlfriend, Amy. She chose a simple mechanic over whatever doctor or lawyer her father tried to set her up with this month.”

I miss Doren. According to my new schedule, I’ll get back to him in April. I may be able to get through things quicker than that. That’s just going by my predicted average production rate. I’ll probably end up adjusting that.

As for the goals I stated for the week:

  • Guarding the Heart – finish through Chapter 10(on Chapter 5 right now) – finished Chapter 5 and started Chapter 6. Will pick back up with Chapter 6 tomorrow morning(maybe later today if I finish the rest of my to-do list before dinner time). Planning to write at least 2 chapters a day.
  • First Choice, Second Chance – beta edits – finished these this morning.
  • Ready When You Are – Outline – finished this yesterday
  • Jessica’s Story – Brainstorm – setting this aside until I get to that group of stories
  • Into the Sun – 1st draft – weekend project
  • Read: Everything Between Us(Mila Ferrera), Get a Clue(Jill Shalvis), Call on Me(Roni Loren), & Standing Stones(Beth Camp) – Enjoyed both books I’ve read so far. Will be starting Call on Me as soon as I get it.
  • Knit: Dino Cap – Have made some progress on this. Will hopefully catch up to where I want to be today.
  • RoW80 Sponsor Post(forgot to include this on Monday) – Have this outlined. Hoping to draft it today.

Comments on: "Writing Wednesday: An Early Shift" (18)

  1. Kat Morrisey said:

    I love your schedules. And how easily you can shift things around. For me it’s like the most painful of growing pains–I kick, scream and cry whenever things have to be moved (and this might be why it takes me longer to get things done. LOLOL) Anyway, it’s awesome that you recognized your need to shift things about. And Doren will be there waiting for you, when your ready! 🙂

    • Unfortunately, I find it a little too easy to shift things around. It’s probably why I have about a dozen 1st drafts sitting, waiting for me to revise them. *sigh* Hopefully this will help me get to them.

      Yes, Doren is pretty patient thankfully(and a sweetheart. I think you’ll like him). 🙂

  2. I can relate to shifting goals. I was supposed to start edits on a story featuring one of my favorite characters (it’s ok to favorite our own characters, right? LOL). But he’s not needed yet, and I need to write something else that’s due sooner. Sigh.

    I like the snippet, and I’m with them that simple is perfectly fine. I love the line “Even a snake feels smooth.” Truth.

  3. It’s always good to be flexible when setting goals or shifting things. You did well this week!

    • Sometimes I’m a little too flexible, but I hope this helps me get through things. And focusing on one project should hep it go faster. Thanks.

  4. Shifting goals seems almost standard, especially when you are trying to work around busy weeks. And that I am well aware of. Here’s to a good first week.

    • I almost shift too easily. But, this may be better in the long run. We’ll see if I can stick to this one.

  5. kathils said:

    What a great time to pop back around. Doren. *sigh* And I love Amy’s comment.

    Ah, shifting goals. Like the shifting tide. 😉 I like to think of them more as flexible. It sounds less… shifty.

  6. You’re off to a great start. Kudos!

  7. I’m absolutely in agreement with Kathi. I love flexibility. Life is changeable, especially with kids – so I change often, learning as I go…

    May this change work beautifully until it doesn’t, and then may you find something even better!

    • Thanks. Sometimes I feel a little too flexible when it comes to my goals. I’ve got so many ideas bouncing in my head, it makes it hard to settle on way to get to all of them

      • I shift a lot too – but I find that shaking things up keeps me fresh. Doing things just one way gets stale, after a while, but a change can really revitalize me.

        Maybe you’re that way, too…with younger kids, that can be greatly helpful, as they grow and change….

  8. […] Second Chance. And added almost 11k to Guarding the Heart. So, progress. Yay! As I mentioned in Wednesday’s post, I ended up reorganizing my projects, and therefore my […]

  9. I love that you’ve got such a far-reaching schedule. I’m in awe, since I can’t schedule anything like that to save my life… And it’s funny how some characters end up being missed and give you the itch to write about them again. Hopefully you’ll be able to get back around to Doren a little sooner. 🙂

    I love this line, by the way: “Even a snake feels smooth.” Such a perfect summary of that kind of slippery character!

    • It would be even better if I could actually stick to a schedule.
      I certainly have a soft spot for Doren, but I will get to see a little more of him when I work on revisions for the prequel novella before I even get back to his story. So, there’s that. This is what I love about writing connected series. Fave characters keep popping up
      I’m glad you liked it. 🙂

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