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Back again for Weekend Writing Warriors, the weekly blog hop for everyone who loves to write, with another snippet from Into the Sun. Today I have 10 sentences from near the end of the 1st scene. Trace has just suggested his mother leave with him.

She only hesitated a moment then shook her head. “I told you I’m never getting on one of those things again.”
Again? I couldn’t ever remember my mother even talking about riding a motorcycle. My stepfather certainly didn’t approve of them. “You’d rather stay here with him than trust me to take you on the bike? I’d keep you safe, Mom.”
“He’s my husband, Trace. I have to stay.”
I knew there was no more point arguing once she started on the ‘he’s my husband’ path.

What will happen when Trace leaves? Will he see his mom again? Will he find his real father? You’ll have to wait and see.

Doesn’t feel like I’ve had a productive week, though I didn’t really think I would. Left for camping in Ohio with my dad Monday afternoon. I did get a good bit done that morning though. And I was still able to get some writing done in the mornings. Even took the computer to the playground while the kids played a few times(one reason I like having a smaller computer). I was more laidback about getting stuff done. Did get a good bit of reading done too. But, I was glad to get home Thursday. Had a bit of an issue that morning. We were starting to get stuff picked up and the kids told me they couldn’t get into the bedroom in the cabin. The door was locked. On the outside of the door, it only has a small hole in the knob. We have a set like that at home, so I knew a small flat head screwdriver would unlock it(the boy has a tendency to lock the door). I just had to find one. Thankfully my dad had one that worked, but it made leaving day a bit stressful.

Friday I managed to finish the 1st draft of Burning Bright. And I finished the scene in Guarding the Heart I’d left off on when I set it aside last February. I’m almost finished outlining Ready When You Are(Kelan’s Story). Haven’t made more progress on Into the Sun yet this week. Hopefully today though. Haven’t started working on my RoW80 sponsor post either. Need to get to that. I have finished 5 books.

We had fireworks here Friday night and went over to my husband’s aunt’s to watch them after a cookout. The boy fell asleep before they even started. Both kids slept until 8 yesterday morning. That’s nearly unheard of in our house. Even when we were camping and they stayed up later than normal, they were up before 7. We went out for breakfast, then took the kids fishing. About 20 minutes in, they lost interest. We came home and went back to husband’s aunt’s for another picnic. He came home and got the motorcycle and picked me back up and we went out for a ride. It was great.

I’m hoping to get more writing done next week and since the next RoW80 round starts tomorrow, I better get on figuring out those goals.


Comments on: "Sunday Summary: WeWriWa – “Have to Stay”" (9)

  1. How many sins the phrase “but he’s my husband” covers! Nicely done Fallon.

  2. Interesting scene, very well done!

  3. Uh-oh, i have the feeling “but he’s my husband” is excusing some not-so-good things.Intriguing snippet!

  4. Yeah, I echo the other comments. “But he’s my husband…” Why do we do that. I’d guess most of have at some point in our lives… Good snippet!

    Sounds like you have a busy holiday weekend! 🙂

  5. Loyalty to a “bad master”… I feel for Trace, knowing he cannot convince his mother to leave his step-father. Thing is… I wonder what he will find with his real father. Why did she leave that man?

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