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Flames A-Z: Family

If you haven’t been able to tell, family is a big theme in my stories. Sometimes that’s biological family, and sometimes it’s the family you choose.

There’s the Brooke family. They’re small, but really close. Then, there’s the Rileys, very large but just as close. The Hunters are a close family, too, though there isn’t a lot of extended family, at least not that they interact with. There is one cousin who is mentioned in Flames of Retribution and again in Flames of Restoration, but they no longer have anything to do with him. Mainly because of the way he reacted to something he found out about Nolan.

Not all the characters’ families are good. Like the Young family. Timothy Young is a successful businessman and expected the same of his three kids. That was all he ever cared about, to the exclusion of even their happiness. His oldest, Maura, he married off to a business associate. She was content with it, thinking their love would grow. Until she realized her husband was cheating on her and would never care much about her or their children. She felt like she was living her mother’s life all over again. The middle child, Mark, joined the Marine Corps right after high school to get away from his father. Who, of course, saw this as one more failure. The youngest son followed his father into the business, but…well, that’s going into spoiler range for Flames of Retribution.

So, yeah…families, both good and bad, play a large role in these stories.



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