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No RoW80 stuff today. Next round starts Monday. So, we’ll be back to that then. Today you just get a snippet. And last week I promised what came next. So, 8 paragraphs(7+1) from the very next scene.

God, that laugh. It did something to him every time he heard it. Right now, it had him wanting to pull her across the table so he could kiss her. He wouldn’t mind having her for dinner instead of whatever he had ordered. No, Jace, slow down, he ordered himself. First dates were for getting to know each other, not devouring each other.
Then, he saw her smile dim slightly. He wanted to do whatever he could to put it back on her face. So, he forced a grin. “She has kicked his ass at least once. During her first week on the job. Tate kept giving her the easy jobs, and may have made some comments that she should be in the office instead of a construction site. Her second day, and she called him out during a break. She shoved him a few steps back, and he tripped and fell on his ass. Oh, he was not happy, but while he was down, she kept cussing at him and telling him she’d signed on to do the job, and our father had faith in her, so why couldn’t he?”
“What did he do?” she asked, leaning forward, her chin in her hands.
Jace chuckled again. “The next day he gave her the toughest assignments. I think he was trying to prove her wrong, that she really couldn’t handle it. She had huge blisters on her hands and could barely move her arms enough to eat dinner that night, but she didn’t complain. After that first week, Tate never questioned her ability to do the job again.”
She laughed again, and the lights dancing in her eyes mesmerized him. He couldn’t stop himself. He had to touch her. Just cupping her chin and running his thumb over her jaw. Her eyes glazed, and her lips parted slightly. Did she want him to kiss her? He didn’t want to assume, but– she let out a slight whimper, and his gaze fell to those lips again.
The single word was barely more than a breath through those lips, but he understood. He leaned across the table, his hand still cupping her chin, and pressed his lips to hers. Just like before she met his advance, her tongue slipping between her lips to trace along his. He moaned against her mouth, then his hand slid along the line of her jaw, until he was cupping the back of her head.
He felt like he was spinning away from everything. He wasn’t sure whether to let go or try to hang on tight to her. Maybe they could freefall together.

We’ve been camping since Monday. It’s been nice, but I’m still ready to get home  tomorrow. Having some trouble with the campground’s wifi this morning, so using my phone as a hotspot. At least to get this done. So, quickly, I’ll recap my goals/progress for the last month.


  • Freeing His Heart – finish 1st draft
  • Jace’s Story(really needs a title) – 1st draft – not quite there. 66909 words & at least 5 more scenes to finish.
  • Into the Sun – finish 1st draft – just over 15k on this. Probably have at least a couple more thousand to go. Don’t think it will be over 20k though.

I did write 79614 words for the month.


  • Revise anything I get back from CP/beta readers – didn’t get anything back


  • Finish outlining Some Fools Never Learn(Hunter Family #2) this is done. Also nearly finished outlining Kelan’s story. I got 5849 words of plotting done for the month.


  • Listen/read 20 books – 40/20 books. 5 of these were audio books


  • Knit: Schooner Hat – IMG_0611-0
  • Crochet: Women’s Peaked Cap IMG_0615IMG_0616

Not so bad even if I didn’t finish everything. For next month:


  • Ready When You Are(Kelan’s Story) – finish outline
  • Jessica’s Story – Outline


  • Burning Bright – finish 1st draft
  • Guarding the Heart – 1st draft
  • Into the Sun – finish


  • The Choice – beta edits(even tho I never heard back from the 2nd beta reader)
  • Law of Choice – 2nd round revisions & polish
  • anything else I get back from CPs/beta readers


  • Listen/read 16 books
  • Read 1 craft/research book


  • Knit: Dino Cap
  • Crochet: Amazing Grace Blissful Beanie

Comments on: "Writing Wednesday: Freefalling" (9)

  1. I like the last two lines. They really pull it all together, and you can feel his emotion.

    I love your hats! I really have to learn how to knit.

  2. I might be one of your absent betas…there’s a message from you in my recently excavated email. I plan on looking at that today, and you are at the top of my reading list. Meant to do it sooner; just got a little buried in the avalanche of words, followed by a tsunami of homeschool paperwork (it’s a little cruel that so much of that happens in the summer!).

    I’ve got my head more or less back above the surface now, though, so betas will be a factor in my July goals…

    This snippet is sweet and a little spicy – I love his image of devouring each other – sometimes, that’s exactly what first dates are for! And that kiss – I think it bodes well for their future, the power in their mutual attraction. =)

  3. The two of them both feel so very strongly… but given the hesitation they both have, I hope that this fire doesn’t burn itself out too fast.

  4. […] that’s it for this round. I posted my July goals last week, and for the first week of this […]

  5. Oh my, has it got a bit warmer in here or is it just me? I love how natural your dialogue always is, and the snippet finished so perfectly.

    Your knitting and crochet is always so neat, I’m so jealous. The peaked cap particularly is lovely.

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