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Even those who have followed my snippets from the Flames series, won’t recognize this one. She hasn’t showed up in any of those stories. She will be in the second book in the Hunter Family series(which you may remember me saying is a spin-off of the Flames series). I’ve written out her back story for that one, so I know a little more about her now. Plus I wrote this piece back in May, which may end up being the beginning of her and Tate’s story.

Emilia was born to Roderick and Letizia Stiel in Pittsburgh, Pa on December 30, 1978. Letizia is Dougal Magaldi’s older sister. Dougal is Caitie‘s father. I may have mentioned the Magaldi/Riley bunch is rather large & sometimes complicated. Which is why I started a family tree for them, and it keeps growing on me.

Emilia also has a twin brother, Oliver(may write more about him later), and a younger sister, Adreana. Her father’s a corporate lawyer, and her mother’s a social worker. Emilia, though, is an artist, a sculptor. She never quite understood where she got her slightly wild spirit from(though it likely wouldn’t be a surprise to the wider Magaldi family). She moved North to Erie in her early thirties, and her brother went with her. They never really spent too much time apart. Then, a few years later, she moved to the nearby smaller town of Crystal Glen where her cousin Caitie was now living. Oliver stayed in Erie, but they were still close.

Emilia started teaching an art class at the local community center, and had an idea for a new program she wanted to get started. She’s still trying to get plans for this together when a remodeling project at the center has her running into Tate Hunter. Can’t really say much more about that, as their story isn’t written yet.

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